Mindset The Choice Is Yours

26 Jun

I can remember feeling that many times in my own life. It started as a young woman. A teen actually, only to be told “who do you think you are” so I shelved my dreams deep into my sub-conscious mind. It kept re-appearing over the years and there were those times that success was over the moon incredible. What an amazing feeling.

With that also came a falling out with the company changing ownership and then unfortunately going out of business. It happens. Where the true grit comes in is how you deal with that and move forward. But the truth is those feelings you had, the success and the bright lights…they don’t ever go away entirely. Almost like someone tugging at your sleeve.

Do You or Have You Felt Like You’re Not Good Enough?

I did and it is hard to admit you were playing a role that you didn’t enjoy playing! That is almost a victim role but if you are like I was, you don’t even know you are doing it. Too often we settle and we buy into what someone else has told us about US! How do they know so much about us anyway? Or it could be as in my case, a double whammy hit with not one but two health issues that literally knocked me off my feet.

I have shared the first part of my story, and for the first time in an earlier post, https://healthtowealthlifestyle.com/my-world-changed/ And the second half is up and coming here very shortly. One of the reasons I am sharing is because we have the power within us to change how we think and feel and consequently how we go about living no matter what the situation.

Easy? Hell NO! But so possible and so real. Keep an open mind and follow your own dream. After all it is yours and yours alone! Not too often do you see someone else with the identical dream.

Entrepreneurship can feel like an impossible dream. You can become an expert in a lot of things, but self doubt isn’t one where you want to to become an expert. Why? Because everybody and anybody can become a successful entrepreneur. If you’ve ever doubted yourself, STOP. You can wait your entire life for some magical moment or transformation…or you can take the necessary steps to change it up now.

It is called Mindset or a Mind Shift and I know you have seen or read about this as it seems to be all over social media. But the truth is it really is that simple. You must first CHOOSE to take the first step and re-program your thoughts. You may not have a passion or a purpose, or you may think you need one to be successful but the truth is anyone can be an entrepreneur. If you sell anything to anyone a product or a service or?? then you have that in your blood. You just need to know it, simplify it and believe it. Believe in you!
And here is another **foot note. If you are doing a side hustle or home business in network marketing and you know you have something very special then for heaven’s sake share it because if you don’t someone else is going to!! Just make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. The value you can offer others is far greater than those feelings of self doubt that may be nagging at you from behind.

Think of yourself as being a part of someone’s solution especially if what you have is something you believe in.

The Best Parts of a Home Business

You can then use your weekend or weekday off if you have one of those too, and after hours to start your little business. Then, as you learn more and find ways to monetize, ( sometimes you have to do whatever it takes when you believe in something) you can then slowly wind back your days. Or you could have a normal career and a side business for diversity.

I believe in what I have because of the results I am seeing for myself as well as what others are seeing. That I am doing whatever it takes. I cleaned out some of my gardens as we had so much rain my plants were getting SO big so, I invented my “She Shed” and have been selling beautiful plants to some local people, over-delivering I hope, and making enough money to keep me active as I build my team.

Now that is honesty and probably I should just be telling you what a rock star I am and that I am making money hand over fist, but that is not the way it ever starts out, nor is it my truth. I believe in being upfront and honest. If I can’t be honest then how can I ask anyone to trust me.

Yes, everything takes time…health to wealth is a journey and a new lifestyle that I am loving.
If you would like to know more then it would be my pleasure to share that with you and if not, that is okay too. We should be able to support each other no matter what direction or where our journey’s take us as individuals.

Always, always remember what is right for you is not always going to be right for someone else. Respect that and your friendships will grow.

Getting & Holding onto the Right Mindset

And of course the problem is not everyone is equipped with the right mindset either and I hear it is not your fault. You were never taught the ‘how’ of that part of life. It can actually take years for many and for others, it can be faster. But I can tell you right now, when YOU are ready it happens and it can be in the blink of an eye. Yes, for real. Oh, you will still have work to do but if you had your first encounter you know what it will feel like everyday of the rest of your life if you are persistent.

Results can and do happen in record time when you focus on the inner game. All these experiences you had left an imprint on you… which over the years stacked, and stacked, and stacked, one on top of the other…and could be why you weren’t able to attract whatever it is you needed or are still desiring to attract into your life.
At your core, you are an incredibly powerful energy being that has no limitations and knows no boundaries. But work at it, yes. That is a must do.

Here is what happened when I was finally ready and the “feelings” I experienced were nothing short of mind boggling. It was one of those BOOM! moments…to be continued in another post.

and that’s a wrap for today

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