Top 3 Marketing Platforms

26 Jun
marketing platforms

Affiliate, E-commerce or Network Marketing

What Works Best for YOU?

What most people don’t realize when they first start searching for that perfect home biz, perhaps marketing online or selling ‘stuff’ is that it really helps if you love what it is you have chosen. What is your passion, what do you love to do?  Do you love being in the kitchen cooking for everyone?  Do you have a fascination with all things tech-related?  Do you have a specialized product or service that people are looking for? Like weight-loss or lifestyle-related. What ‘extra’ knowledge do you have that could help others?

These are just examples to give you some food for thought.  Not everyone has just one ‘something’ they are really passionate about so figuring this out first is a must.  Don’t even begin to think money, honey!  Not quite yet.  Whaaat?? I am serious. Unless you are 100% confident you have found the most awesome, unique product that will sell off the shelves, money is not going to be high on the list as you get underway.

Let’s have a quick look at what each category is so you can make a better informed decision going forward.

Why and What is Affiliate Marketing?

First up, For any newbies out there, what exactly is affiliate marketing?
Keeping with our plan of ‘Real Simple’, affiliate marketing is earning a commission by promoting other people (or company’s) products usually done in a blog or a website you have created.
Perhaps the best part of Affiliate Marketing is:

  • you don’t have to create your own product.
  • you don’t have to purchase any monthly products
  • there is no cost to join

That’s the beauty of affiliate marketing. You can begin making money as an affiliate as soon as you have a platform (website) and Domain Name (like a street address) to sell/ recommend products from. Sounds pretty easy, right?

Why you might want To Do This:

  1. one of the lowest costs of any online business to get started.
  2. no products to purchase
  3. can be done as a side hustle and worked into a full-time gig
  4. the learning curve is Simple.
  5. Age has no barriers
  6. Awesome income potential

BUT…It’s Not All Good News

There is that learning curve we spoke about, and while it can be simple if you know your way around the Internet and setting up a website it still has some unknowns. And there are some costs that are not spoken of upfront either. Like a domain name and hosting for your website. Yes, You can do some free sites, but you still have to pay for that site to be hosted and that my friend gets costly. Being aware before you make a decision can be critical if you don’t have enough money to keep going. Do your homework.

You made your niche choice, you have a domain name that relates well to your niche and you have set up hosting and made the arrangements to pay for that either yearly or monthly. Your host provider will get you going in the right direction.

You take that initial steps to set up your blog, writing articles, sharing pictures, and finding the programs you want to become affiliated with…BUT you are still an ‘UNKNOWN’. It is not derogatory it is just fact. It takes time to have people find your blog and trust you as well as the affiliate programs to accept you.

Don’t let this be discouraging, because it can be. Everything takes time and patience will be your best friend. Like when you get your first ” We are sorry, but you do not have enough traffic to your site. Please come back and apply another time.” yeah, that will sting but it is also happening to a whole lot of everyone else just like you! We all start at the same place.

While there are no costs to become an Affiliate Marketer other than your domain name and hosting which can run into the hundreds of dollars and advertising costs, you are actually on one of the best platforms I have ever used to do just that. They have some awesome plans that are affordable even to those of you just getting started with little to no capital available.

If you are going to do Affiliate Marketing, you must have your site up and running with content BEFORE applying to be an affiliate for your chosen products or service. This is a must do and even then you could see a few rejections if they feel your site is not ready yet. Sorry, but the whole point of sharing here is to tell you the truth so you might want to take off the blinders.

Drop Shipping or E-Commerce

Now, this is certainly a fun way to have a home business. There is no doubt in my mind. I really enjoyed my test runs but There is a learning curve involved here and depending on your knowledge it can be daunting. One of the most popular platforms you can use is ‘Shopify’. While they are not free, you do get a free trial run to test the waters before making a commitment. And your domain name and hosting will be included and that my friend is a big plus. Actually it is a huge plus in the scheme of things.

My thoughts on this are to have at least a minimum of $100.00 a month you can set aside for your business. This can get you off to a running start and you can always upgrade as your income increases.

There are actually many platforms you can use for Drop Shipping and a lot will depend on you and your chosen products as well as your budget. Ali express is another very well known and easy to use platform if you are just starting out. I actually suggest Ali express or Oberlo if you are brand new to Drop Shipping. They are excellent starters and very helpful, especially Oberlo when you need it.

An example of a test I did was with Oberlo and Shopify. I challenged myself to setting up a T-shirt site in less than 2 weeks to see if what they said could be done, actually could be. And I did it in 11 days! So, yes, they may charge you a fee ( they are connected) each month but it can be so worth it if you have a product idea or you are just plain passionate about doing something like this.

You will also have to take into consideration the advertising costs related to getting your products seen. This goes without saying for both Drop Shipping and Affiliate Marketing. Social Media is still one of your best options and if you have a unique product to offer chances are it won’t take long before you are found.

Don’t I need a loan?

And while having a business plan that shows how much money you could make and what your initial costs might be is important, it is not a prerequisite to getting started. Your costs can be minimal to start. You will need money, that is a must, but you can rest assured you do not need that big bank loan or a detailed and concise business plan to get started. How much you need will depend on your chosen path and your knowledge of E-Commerce and Drop Shipping.

As you progress and see positive results then you should consider upping your game plan to include extra costs like advertising and up-grading your store front. If you are planning to produce your own products then that is a definite game changer and you will need to be sure you have finances to cover your costs.

Network marketing

Network Marketing is still one of the easiest ways to have a home business and be successful. Again, what will stand out for most is cost. Your costs are actually usually less than what it would cost you to set up and run an affiliate site or a storefront for Drop shipping. Normally when you choose Network Marketing it is the product that speaks to you first and foremost. This means you will be using the products you are marketing and sharing that experience with others.

While most companies in Network Marketing charge a fee for their back-office and replicated websites, but it is usually a minimal cost. I prefer those that have a one time cost, to those that have a monthly charge. Imagine a one time cost of under $20.00 to get started or perhaps a free trial to see if this is for you before you commit? How awesome would that be?

In short, you have a website that the company provides for you and you have the products which you have fallen head over heels for. A seriously simple compensation plan and you get paid weekly! WAIT! HOLD UP here for a minute. What did you just say? Paid weekly!! Yes, and there is even more IF you are in the right network marketing company. Would you believe me if I said 50% commissions and over 100 countries? I didn’t think so…

You see, things are changing in this world of Network Marketing or often better known as M.L.M or Relationship Marketing or Attraction Marketing. They are in fact all one and the same. It just has a nicer ring since so many still remember those Amway days when everything was a big secret.

When I talk about network marketing here, I am talking online and NO party plan or monthly quotas you and your team must make in order to get paid. I flat out never wanted to go that route again so when I saw what I saw I chose to re-write my story. The one I told myself about this M.L.M. ‘stuff‘ and where my future was going before I saw what I saw. Truth.

What I saw Changed Everything

When I say that I am very sincere. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would attempt any form of Multi Level marketing again. But when I saw 5, yes just 5 products that were doing what they were doing my thinking changed to maybe. Then of course it went to if they can do this for others, can they do it for me too? is it all a marketing ploy? Hmm…

But then I regress as I am getting ahead of myself and my story that is so so exciting I can’t wait for you to read it. It has taken a long time for me to get the courage up to share even a fraction of what I share. I am doing this for one reason…maybe two…because it is the truth, it happened to me and now it is happening for me and if that is the case it can happen for others. Period!

KISS…Keeping it Simply Simpler

Losing is part of winning and that is also how we learn. We make mistakes…we just hopefully don’t repeat the same mistakes too many times. We learn from them and make the necessary changes to be successful. You can only be a failure if you STOP or QUIT altogether. Starting fresh or starting over or even choosing a new path is all part of that winner’s circle. It is all part of the learning process. It is what I chose to do and I know you can too if you are thinking it is time.

And just in case You are looking for an opportunity that is producing results from customers as well as business partners take 3 minutes and look at this video. You will see something you do not see from most network marketing companies. Then scoot on back here so we can connect if you have any questions. We are currently opening new countries which are very exciting and two off the chart new products in Oct. of this year. ( 2020)

No, this is certainly not for everyone. What appeals to one person may not appeal to another. Our paths may cross even when we choose to go a different way, it is the Internet and I wish you sincerely success in what ever that path is. Just please remember one thing as your search perhaps continues.

If it is really as easy they tell you it will be to become ridiculously successful right from day one, then wouldn’t everyone be doing this and be ridiculously successful too?

And that’s a wrap for today…

Merry C.

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