M.L.M. a Pyramid Thingy?

26 Jun

Network Marketing

«Making It A Good Day to have a Good Day!»

My Intention or my goal today is to help you find the best ways you can do network marketing strictly online if that is your choice and where you can learn how to be successful and so so much more.  Most new marketers only know what they don’t want to do…and this is how you get caught up in the wrong programs.  Some costing more than you can afford. Some more than you need.

Here is the honest truth.  If you do not have enough money set aside or a CC that can handle 6 months of learning costs on any platform, whether it is Affiliate Marketing, Drop Shipping or anything else that is offered, then you shouldn’t even start.  IT IS NOT EASY!  And It Sure the heck is not happening overnight or in a week!  I get so frustrated with these kinds of false promises.

You may be wondering why I would be so passionate about that?  Well, the truth is, I fell hook line and sinker for this and as hard as it is to admit I LET IT HAPPEN more than once!  I am taking responsibility for what I allowed because it was me that said Yes. 

They may have tricked me into believing it was what I needed in order to be successful, but I am still the one who went for it.  Therefore, I can scream and cry ‘SCAM’ and stamp my feet and cry crocodile tears, but they won’t care and it won’t change a thing. And a scam it really wasn’t at all.

The more people I can share the truth with, the fewer people will have lost time and money and yes, self-confidence.  It is my intention to change that for as many people who are willing to trust me and for those who have been there and understand how difficult it is to keep on keeping on!  🙂

The Best Parts of any Home Business

One of the nicest things about any home business is You can use your weekend or day off or after dinner, evening hours to start building your home business. Then, as you learn and start earning some extra cash, you have all kinds of choices. Some choose to keep their chosen career of choice and have a side business for diversity and fun.

If YOU are one of those people then I applaud you and your efforts.  You can only fail if you quit and that my friends, means you already know this can and does work. And guess what else?  It’s not Network Marketing that is hard. It is easy to do with goals and the right help to get you started.  I have to say that not all those big boyz and girlz made it easy for those that followed. Probably because they were more focused on their climb to the top instead of helping you. And sometimes it was the programs which you could learn, and you loved the products but it was hard to duplicate and make enough money to keep on. For a lot of folks, I think those monthly costs were a huge hindrance or deterrent going forward.

“Time To Change it Up”

The fact of the matter is when you see a company that is changing with the way they offer their business to you in network marketing and they are doing their best to make it easier for anyone to see success then you should get excited. Don’t go in with blinders on. Keep an open mind as you look. Sometimes, well probably most times, if we have those blinders on we can miss opportunities that are right in front of us! So, I suggest you stay open to what might be THE ONE!

Epic leaders paving the way and working in the trenches right alongside you showing you exactly what they are doing daily to be successful…YES, and yes it happens, just not often. So when or if you recognize an opportunity that looks different than what you are used to seeing you may have found what could be the way! You and your family, finally may get to experience what you have been dreaming about for a very long time.

What if I told you I found a company, yes Network Marketing, M.L.M. that pays out a 50% commission on the actual dollar amount your customer spends? Would you think that was a little over the top? It is real and is happening.

No I am not just blowing smoke. I was fortunate enough after having said no so many times! All because I had a bad taste in my mouth from a previous encounter…okay there were a few of them…but this time something felt different. I felt different. One thing that seriously stood out was me asking God and the Universe to send me the ‘right opportunity’ just a few days before. I was getting desperate and felt like I couldn’t trust my own judgment and then we were in the middle of a pandemic that no one was prepared for! I needed someone or something to show me!! And it happened! Oh yes.

If you want to know more about Network Marketing, how to get started and what had me saying YES again, who you can trust for all the help you might need and some exciting new changes to how this is being done by one company, then please, turn the page and read my blog posts or visit my site for more information.

I can promise you if you have an open mind and a need for change in your life and in your health, I have something so special you might not believe what you see. So, get in touch and share a bit of where you are at and we can see if we are a good fit or not and I can share some more details with you as well. My email is only a click away ( my about me page) or leave me a comment below and I will get back to you.

The honest truth is not everyone is cut from the same cloth so-to-speak, and I would rather you love knowing this could, just maybe, be something that will help you as much as it has helped me. It is hard to put into words what three little capsules a day, all-natural and a vegan capsule can do for your mind, body, and spirit too! LOVE!

I hope this helps in some little way! Reach out if you have any questions…and maybe just dip your toes in first by reaching out with a comment or questions as to how or if I can help you.

and that’s a wrap…

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