A Dose Of Powerful

29 Jun

Sleep makes you smarter and can add years to your life. Power comes in the form of fruits and Veggies everyday. We just can’t always get enough of the right fruits and veggies we need to amp up our overall needs tho’ so what can we do?

Well, here are a couple tips that might enhance or help a little…tart cherry juice. 8 oz in the evening could help you sleep better. Just like snacking on Vitamin C-rich foods like bell peppers and citrus fruits can help with stress. Food can be powerful as well as harmful if we eat to much of those fun mood foods! You know the ones…emotional eating, cravings for…sweets, baked goodies, chips popcorn and more. Where did all the fun food go?

A Dose of Daily

To be perfectly honest it is not easy changing out your eating habits, and especially for a whole family let alone just yourself. And depending on where you live you can’t always get the fresh fruits and produce you need to get your power on. Kiwi and Blueberries are just two that are claimed to be power fruits.

I think that is why taking the right supplement, one that is organic, vegan with all-natural fruits and veggies may be easier for most. If you could get everything you needed daily just taking 3 simple capsules, would you? And not having to worry about how much of what you are getting because it has all been done for you…awesomeness!

Going to the health food store or to the pharmacy that carries supplements gets pretty pricey when you think of how many different ones you need to take to stay nourished, to sleep better and have better energy and focus all day long. Just knowing which ones you really need is big enough for me. Heck the cost adds up pretty quick and if you aren’t seeing results…

Which brings me to another point. How do you know who has the best ones for you? I mean seriously have you seen how many health and wellness company’s there are? I know! It gets tricky so in some cases it comes down to trust.

Trust Your Gut

Trust your instincts. Listen to what others are saying and not just one or two people. Take it all in before you make your decision. Taking supplements is not the same as going to the grocery store for your weekly shopping trip. They can be expensive and they can take more than one try to know or feel any results. If you are like me, less is always more in my eyes.

For me it came down to just that. Trust and seeing and reading what others were sharing. All different people, men and women old and young. Their stories were remarkable. I also liked only having to take 3 little magic pills a day! Yeah, they really are like magic. I fell in love pretty quickly and started to feel more like myself again. And trust me, it had been a long time since I felt like I used to.

All I needed was 3 Simple Organic All Natural Vegan Capsules

Don’t Believe Just Me…Clear Out the Excuses

Seriously, don’t believe just me! I want you to hear from a few others and what they have to say as well. But before I do that, let me tell you that we are a company of 5 products currently with 2 more on the horizon. It is all about Quality, not Quantity. Simply Simpler.

Not new as in a brand new company, but new as in the momentum the team revolution has created. Yes, in the middle of a pandemic people are moving forward and seeing BIG things happening in their lives.

So when you are ready, let me invite you so you can Plug-In and see what a few others have to say on our private Facebook Group. It is an invitation-only page/group and the rules are strict. You cannot be approached to join and you cannot be approached to make any purchases. You can however be the best little “looky-Loo” you can be! So leave me a message in the comments with the words ‘plug in’ and I will get an invite to you asap.

Here is a Sneak Peek at three awesome Journeys:

Would Results Like these Impact Your Life?

3 Capsules Daily with Water…simple

What I really want to focus on here is you and where you are at. How are you feeling? How is your mood? Is the start of a great day, full of rewarding experiences something you would love to see for yourself daily? How about your mood? Could it use a wee boost in these strange times we are going thru and a worldwide pandemic?

Here is a Bit More of Me:
You see, once upon a time, I was that skeptical, frustrated person that might be you reading this right now. Wary of spending more money that I didn’t have to lose, and precious time on yet another product or home business! And damn sure it wasn’t going to be some expensive vitamins or anything like that. Yeah, I had some attitude as I had tried a few and they made me feel pretty awful. But, life has a way of sneaking up on you from behind and giving you that nudge when you aren’t expecting it. That is exactly what happened to me and I am so happy it did.

You have one shot at the day, so why not start off on the right foot? Move over morning routines and stop cringing at the sound of your morning alarm! Is it time to start implementing a new morning routine? It was for Kimberly, and it sure was for me. I might have been just being like you right now…rolling my eyes, thinking it is just another one of those claims to fame we read every other day, but I’m not. Because I decided to change things up.

It was time to change that low energy and mood for something that can if you are not careful put you into ‘hyper-drive’! I am perfectly serious when I talk about the increase in your energy levels and mood. Wow! This is one powerful little all-natural vegan capsule that I started taking every morning.

My energy levels were always pretty good, at least considering being sleep deprived for too long…but this seriously had me in a better mood. Almost right away! But at first try it was a bit of a different story. Imagine putting something that was full of goodness into your body that it just, well to be honest, wasn’t used to getting. YEAH! Sticker shock I think.

one little green capsule


Are you a night Owl or A light sleeper? Do you have trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep?

According to the National Sleep Foundation, sleep is directly related to how we perform on a daily basis and can impact our overall quality of life. And, guess what? Your body not only needs sleep but it also loves to sleep! When our body is at rest, it’s actually working very hard. While you’re asleep, your heart rate slows, and your blood pressure drops, yielding incredible benefits to the cardiovascular system. We are giving our bodies the time it needs to regulate and repair muscle tissue, and that happens during our deepest sleep. I didn’t know this until recently.

Are you a morning person? Or do cringe at the sound of your morning alarm?

It can be hard to take full advantage of the day when you wake up feeling tired and cranky. I don’t know about you but those nights where I am in constant battle with my mind trying desperately to fall asleep, reaching for anything close by to eat…thinking that will help as the cycle continues. OR, those nights with what they call restless leg syndrome? So frustrating!

Here are a few things that I do along with taking my all natural and vegan sleep capsule to help me get into a great sleep pattern. ( no I won’t ever be without this little angel and I take it about 30 min to one hour before I plan to go to sleep ) That is what works for me…you may be different.

  • laying face up, start taking several deep breaths in and then slowly exhale. The slow, steady breaths you take mimic the slow breathing patterns you experience while you are sleeping. This can help with getting into a deeper sleep faster.
  • turn off your phone, iPad or laptop or any other distractions that keep your mind aware & thinking…When it comes to learning how to stop being a night owl this is a good rule to follow.

Just a note, since starting my routine with a natural sleep aid my restless legs are less and less frequent, and falling asleep and staying asleep is more consistent. I am not 100% there every night but what I can honestly tell you is that even tho’ I may struggle a bit to stay asleep, I am getting back to sleep much faster and deeper than I have ever experienced before.

I think we tend to forget that it takes a bit of time when you have sleep issues or anything else we are trying to change. it didn’t take one day or night to start being sleepless just as it didn’t take one day to gain some extra weight we don’t need. We have to be consistent and patient. And stay off the bloody scales! Drink a little more water and that is all she wrote. I am so happy to report that every night for me my sleep just gets better. My life, me, the person I used to be is finally getting back on track.

If you are experiencing any of the issues we talked about today, just reach out with a comment or message me and I will be more than happy to share what is helping me and may help you. ❤️

and that’s a wrap

Merry C.

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