A little about Me

Thank you for stopping and getting to know a little about me.  My strongest desire has been and still is about Truth. What works and for who. The easy ones as well as those that are costly and complicated.  I have the utmost desire to get on a rooftop and shout so loud my words would be heard from one end of the earth to the other! Choose what works for YOU not what others tell you works for YOU & Above all else Believe in YOURSELF!

I am talking about the many opportunities available online.  No cute little stories or made up videos of a fancy-dance home that doesn’t look lived in or the three cars in the driveway that really aren’t mine!!  I am so sick to death of people making money off the gullibility of people looking for help to earn extra money.  What about You?  How many times have you been exposed to nasty online scams, schemes or just buying programs you didn’t really need or thinking you could do it only to find out later it wasn’t your cup of tea?  If you have please feel free to share that.

I am talking about the false hopes or missed steps you may have taken.  Self doubt or fear holding you back. Believing what others have told you about network marketing or falling flat on your face when you tried before. Not one person can come out on top without effort and trying more than once or twice.

I just recently read a book by Jordan Adler and it was fantastic. I felt like he was talking just to me. I so related to everything he said and I know you will too. He is a pretty rich dude and he got there creating his dream life one day at a time. Beach Money is a phenomenal read and if you have a kindle reader even better as the costs are so low. Just head over to Amazon and you will find it easily.

And please let me know in the comments areas on the site. I would love to know if you related the same as I did.

I am here sharing so that you, yes you, the person who desperately wants and needs to succeed at earning extra income will not fall prey to unscrupulous individuals online! It is my intention to share with you only what works and offers only the best possible outcome online today.

Will it be without work? No. Will it be fun? Yes. And is there more to this story? Heck Yes…so please check out my posts and what really turned things around for me.

Who Is Merry C?

So, okay that isn’t really me but being as I have a sense of humor, the ‘real’ Me will stand up shortly.

Pretty much just like you, I hope.  Would you be friends with ‘you’ if the opportunity arose?  Oh good, then we are going in the same direction.  Most people want to know they can trust you to give them what they need.  That is very important, but there is something else you need to do to be able to do first.  And it is not always easy.

I need YOU to be able to see through all the prettiness, the glitz and glamour and the promises of riches while you sleep.  I need you to know that you don’t need hundreds of products or complicated plans in order to succeed. When it comes to marketing “anything” online it will require dedication, commitment, and consistency. It will require effort by you.

Have you ever been on a site reading an article and nodding your head as you agree with what you are reading or hearing?  And then 10 minutes later talking yourself out of making a decision? If that is you listening to your intuition, then hats off to you! You are farther ahead than a lot of folks.

So why should you trust me?  Well, mostly because I am going to be transparent with you.  Yes, exactly.  I am a Network Marketer who said never again! Yup. That one! I was totally done and done especially with this network marketing stuff.

I love to share with others what I know is the ‘real meal deal’, what really can and does work online so you can make your own informed decisions. I would not be doing a very good job if I didn’t give you some pointers on some of the ones I know that are very doable. If they don’t have the following then we can skip rope on outta there!

  1. Genuine, honest support and training
  2. Can work with little upfront cash
  3. Awesome products that are so good you might, no, you will choose to share them.

I love sharing what I have found and some of the best ways you can go about doing your own side hustle. A way for you to earn extra income from home and be as epic as you want to be. And remember, it isn’t about what I think is right for you. It is what you know is the best for you.

And now…will the real Me please stand up.


The journey begins here…

you can reach out to me via my email or leave a comment and I will get back to you asap.

2 Responses to “A little about Me”

  1. Elisabeth November 4, 2020 at 11:10 am #

    Sharing this with you. https://www.goodhealth-online.com


    • HomeBizGal November 4, 2020 at 6:33 pm #

      Thank you so much, Elisabeth. I will have a look at the information you have left for me.


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