Awesome Side Hustle #1

19 Feb
And those Guys!! OMG

So much has changed in my life… I finally feel something besides grief. I’m finally feeling like my ”old” self again and once again I’m enjoying living my life! I’m not a doctor nor am I claiming any medical professional advice.
I just wanted to share a little part of me that is thankful for the new friends I’ve made… My awesome support team… And of course my wonderful friends and family!!
It’s okay to be skeptical. I was too!! Do your research. Ask me questions. I’m here to help. If I can overcome life’s obstacles and start feeling great again.. so can you!

Who has those kids (or in my case an adult) who refuses to eat Fruits and Vegetables?
Did you know that we make an awesome product that is the most delicious and quickest way to eat them?
Remember when we were kids and used to eat “Pixie Sticks”… I remember how much sugar was in them!! These amazing products have:
🔳 No Sugar
🔳 Zero calories
🔳 4.5 servings of plant-derived vitamins
🔳 Comes in two yummy flavors: Fruity Blast and Rockin Raspberry
And they look just like the Pixie sticks! Who’s ready to give them a try??

It’s simple, it’s doable.

I made a decision to stand by a product that no one else has and it is changing my life! I am better able to focus on positivity daily, losing inches and sleeping again. I chose to believe in my DREAMS rather than my fears and GO one more time! You are never too old to make positive changes! You are never too old to grab your dream and run with it one last time. That my friends is when my life took a huge turn in ways I never thought possible!
I AM GRATEFUL every day!🙏 For my wonderful friend who shared with me and for Bob Proctor and Natalie Ledwell for finally opening my eyes and finally ‘getting it’!

Believing in me again.

That alone is huge having come from being so far down the chute of life. When it is all taken away and you have to re-group, do a re-do and you accept the Challenges your inner strength begins to shine one more time.
My desire to live life on my own terms is a dream I am bringing into reality. Today is the day I stop being shy and start sharing some fantastic new beginnings with you since making this decision that is changing lives, mine included!🥂

I think We just took the Pyramid out of Network Marketing!! I mean seriously who says this as the founder of the company you reperesent?
“Corporate doesn’t sell the product…the field does so that’s where the $$ should go!!”

If you have tried Network Marketing before, perhaps even left with a bad taste in your mouth as you watched your sponsor and above leave you in the dust, you are not alone! You see that happened to me and it does leave a nasty after-taste but here’s where it changes! The leadership has to be real. The caring has to be real. The products have to be real. And the payment structure and learning curve so simple anyone, and I mean anyone can follow it easily.

We are in this pandemic and it doesn’t look like the end is in sight for a bit. So if you were lucky enough to have some extra savings to live on, or if you are a Baby Boomer who didn’t have any savings and are living on a fixed income I have some pretty awesome news for you. This is easy, it works because the products work, and the leaders care about you.

If I can help even just a few people find comfort in having an extra $500 a month or more if that is your goal then I will be very happy. I started this journey because I trusted a friend I met online a few years ago. We always stayed in touch even tho’ we have never met. We live in two different countries but how cool is that. Online Marketing is phenominal for meeting and helping people in any country.

My Dream and My Why

It is simple actually. I want to live life on my own terms for whatever time I have left here on this earth. Just because I got sick and cannot go to work at a ‘j-o-b’ or do my chosen profession any longer does not mean I don’t get to have choices! I do and you do too. We all have choices.
A Bag Lady with a Cell Phone just won’t cut it! I have a choice and I made it! I can honestly say that since starting on my new regime a few months ago I am feeling more like my old self, the one before my health crisis, more and more every day. I have focus and energy and my mood is lifted like 90% from crying over dog and cat commercials and feeling a tad sorry for myself…yeah, hard to admit that puddle of tears, but it happens.

However, I can say without a word of doubt that this company I have chosen to be a part of IS THE FUTURE! This was the plan from day 1…that everyone is treated with the same respect and is appreciated. Not the Rank they achieve or Money!! We are different and that makes us exceptional.
Being as actions speak louder than words I am inviting you, when you have a minute, to click right here and see if you see the same ‘awesomeness’ I see. And if you do, then get right back to me and we will get you pointed in the right direction.
No, it isn’t for everyone but it is for anyone who is looking for a way to:

  1. Be More, do more, have more.
  2. Live life above that poverty line we find ourselves in too often. ( more bills than money in)
  3. Retirement is just not what they said it would be…we just wanna have fun!
  4. There is no Age Limit When you Choose to Make Life Better. You are never to old!

Network Marketing is no longer the “hustle” it used to be

All You have to do is DECIDE!

It is more like your ‘side’ hustle that is paying for groceries or a car payment. A side ‘gig’ on your terms. Big or Small it is always your call and you should always be appreciated equally in value.
And for all those out there who are in a category of being “older” here is a quote by CS Lewis: ” You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”
So don’t ever count yourself out. If you need more than you have now then change it. I did and so can you. And something you know better than most is this factoid:

Reach out! I am only a comment or question away…

Are there Common Denominators?

16 Jan

MLM or Drop Shipping

I recently heard someone say that MLM and Drop Shipping were in the same category. While there are indeed some similarities they are actually different. I am going to do a short comparison for fun.
While I love MLM and the fact that it is truly one of the easiest ways to start a business from home with the least amount of upfront dollars, it is not that easy to maintain those steady high incomes unless you are a rock star with 100 customers! So, what I am saying is do not enter into MLM lightly. Expect to WORK at it every day. If you can do that, you can succeed.

Drop Shipping is Hugeness on overload since the pandemic with COVID19! So many businesses that were strictly brick and mortar are now finding that to survive they have to go online. This makes your job equally as difficult as starting out in MLM. You will have to WORK at it and make sure your ‘online store’ is attractive, easy to navigate and trustworthy. For many people who do not understand the process, this could be harder than doing a live video presentation of your MLM products.

Before we move on and do the actual comparisons another thing to consider, which applies to both MLM and Drop Shipping, in my opinion, is you have to love your products or your chosen niche! If you don’t absolutely love, love love what you do and what your products can do for others you may not survive the initial work-really-hard part.

I am talking about people who are just like you and me, not those seasoned marketers who know how to set up funnels, lead pages and up-sells ( oh how I hate upsells!) and can sell anything because they know how. NO! I am talking to you. The person who actually gives a damn.

And yes, I have tested some of these sites and boy was I disappointed in the products I got. Total junk but they knew what they were doing and they were selling boat loads of the stuff without a care about their customers or re-orders. They had no intention of sticking around long enough to get any re-orders! Well, not for that product anyway. Have you ever ordered one of those two for one kinda deals especially around Xmas time? Yup!

Let’s Get to that Comparison StuffI am going to bullet list the comparisons for each one to make it easier and a quicker read.


MLM Today
  • low cost to get started
  • no inventory to purchase or stock
  • website and back office at minimal cost
  • company ships direct to your customer
  • support offered to all customers and members
  • one time or ongoing orders…optional in a lot of cases
  • to get paid you will need to meet monthly quotas/personal orders
  • products directly related to the niche… weight loss, beauty etc.
  • you can market on social media sites as well as friends and family


  • low costs to get started
  • no inventory to purchase or stock unless using Amazon
  • company ships direct to your customer
  • support is offered depending on the platform you choose to use
  • monthly costs will vary depending on your chosen platforms $0 to $100 is common.
  • orders can be one time or optional
  • less product and suppliers when you have chosen one niche.
  • perfect for the NFF Club. ( no family no friends left)
  • your marketing will be targeted to your niche


As you can see above, they are indeed similar. The exceptions come at the end of each model and the monthly costs. I think it really comes down to you and how comfortable you are with sharing/selling your wares and what you can comfortably afford to spend as you build your business. A few good questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you comfortable with approaching your friends and family?
  • Are you good with cold calling strangers or messaging strangers about your products? They say if you are 100% IN and you love love love what your products have done for you and your customers then it should be no problem getting yourself in front of hundreds of thousands of people on social media.
  • are you cool with not taking rejection personally?
  • are you cool with building a team? Recruiting others to join you…
  • is this model affordable for a few months ( give yourself 3-6 months as you build?

If you are not, that is okay too. We are just doing the comparison model here. But if the above is really not you and you know it…like you just cannot for any amount of would be profits get in front of your phone and record a live video or do a home party, then perhaps the Drop Shipping Model is the better choice for you. So much comes down to personality and where you are most comfortable.

Here is what you can expect from Drop Shipping:

  • U will work solely on your own
  • you can join some of the Drop Shipping groups on FB for feedback as you begin
  • build out your store ( website ) at your own pace ( or have it done for you at a cost)
  • choose a niche you love to share and chat about ( a blog on your site is helpful )
  • marketing on Social Media platforms using target markets ( Facebook is great for this)
  • no monthly or weekly meetings or home parties to attend.
  • you will have to tend to your store daily…keeping an eye out for sales and products no longer available or sold out. In short, stay on top of things and make sure it is all running smoothly. A couple of hours daily should be good.
  • can I manage the monthly costs without any sales as I begin my marketing efforts with advertising & platform costs such as Shopify & Sprocket? ( at least 3-6 months )

I found that giving myself a time-line to make those sales really helps. You have a target to reach and if you are not reaching it then you have some decisions to make and some hard questions to ask yourself.

  1. Did I really give it my best shot?
  2. Did I do everything I could to make it successful?
  3. What could or should I have done differently?

These kind of questions apply to whatever your choice is. MLM, or Drop Shipping.

Is There More?

Yes, but for today I didn’t do a comparison for Direct Sales here as it is a bit different. Usually and without any pandemics in the picture, Direct Sales involves buying a kit when you sign up and a home party plan is used as the platform for sales rather than individual/one-on-one sales. This is a great way to have a home business as well, just can be a bit more costly with that kit purchase, but you may have more leeway when it comes to monthly quotas and sales. This can prove to be very helpful if you are doing your home business as a hobby or part-time.

Again, it comes down to you and your personal preferances. I hope this gave you some insight or at least a few questions to ask yourself before you begin any new adventures. Listen to your ‘gut’ and those first initial reactions when seeing a potential home business idea for the first time. Follow that lead and you will probably be right in your choice.

Please be sure to leave us a comment or a question below. We love reading your comments and a reply is always promised. Perhaps you have tried one or the other or maybe life got in the way and now you are not sure which way to come back. Did you try MLM and your sponsor ditched you? Do you find it hard to work completely on your own? Let us know. Isn’t MLM one of those Pyramid thingy’s?

And that’s what we call A WRAP for today! I Hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I did making it.

2 Real People Share

20 Nov

But first let me ask you 4 simple questions:

Do You want to shine like a flawless diamond?
⦁ Are you ready to change your life?
⦁ Are YOU satisfied with living a life that is far less abundant than you know it can be?
⦁ Are YOU going to stand still and wait around for whatever might be coming your way?

Are YOU ready to grab the reigns of your own life and start steering it in the direction it needs to go? You might want to have a look at this because…If you can see what I see, then I believe there’s a great opportunity on the horizon for you.

Now is the best time to look! We are seriously gaining ground when it comes to simple products that seriously work. Here is where less is MORE. 100% Natural fruits and veggies within a vegan capsule! You may be asking how is it that they are more effective than others you may have seen or even tried? I know I did. Well, it comes down to how the ingredients are combined. Three little capsules and 3 glasses of water daily. **(Faster results have been shown by many who added more water to their daily intake.)

Is your health as abundant as it truly could be? Is your career the one you want? Or perhaps you are just searching for a ‘side hustle’ that allows you the freedom to help others all while helping yourself, or maybe life got in the way and threw a few curves your way, and you have to do a re-start. You might even be retired without enough money to live the life you deserve with. It is not rocket science; it is not difficult. Three steps. One, Two, Three! Ask me how. Click on that or shoot me an email or in the comments section.

Are you are ready for that to change? Look at the two testimonies below and then tell me nope, I don’t want to have this kind of awesome change in my life.

My name is Stacy and this is my experience…

Last year menopause hit me like a freight train. I was EXTREMELY tired all the time, withdrawn from my family, depressed, hot flashes, uncontrollable cravings, being super emotional, and ALL the weight gain. In a year I went from 170 lbs to 220 lbs. No matter what I did or tried NOTHING worked. A coworker took this picture of me back in January, I didn’t recognize myself and I was ashamed at how I looked.

A friend of mine made a post about an opportunity. Of course, she piqued my interest. She added me to this private group and I was blown away by all the results!
So in March I got off the fence and tried these ‘magic’ pills. To my surprise I felt the crazy energy and then the weight started to fall off! My eating habits changed as well cause I crave all the healthy foods and I drink a gallon of water a day easily. I feel better than I ever have in years, emotionally, mentally and physically!!! I have lost 55 lbs from March to August and countless inches.

It will change your life 💯!! It has changed mine!!

Are YOU ready to change now? If so please shoot me an email, leave a comment or if you prefer the more direct route, click here and that will get you to where you need to be.

Here is the second testimony from Shauna:

I was introduced to this 3 💊 system 1 month ago. The part that excited me was hopefully getting some sleep results, anything else was a bonus. I had been consistently getting up between 2:00-3:30 am and not being able to fall back asleep. I am happy to report 2 days after starting, my sleep had increased by 6 hours a night. I was ecstatic. Sure I still have nights when I wake up, but I fall back to sleep quite easily. I have sustained energy throughout the day and don’t feel the need to nap.
I didn’t take measurements or step on the scale. I did however take a face picture the day I started. I took another picture last Friday.

Do you think this system works?

And, just so you know, you do not have to do this as a side hustle/home biz if it’s not for you. I know! Very cool that we can just use the products, get amazing results, and strut our stuff with none of that other stuff most companies ask for. I love sharing what is working for me and could possibly d

You don’t even have to do the usual auto-ship stuff if you don’t want to. You have complete control over your orders. (…you will want to because your product gets to you that much faster! I know, I tested it.)

And should you decide later that a side hustle might be a good idea after-all, you can upgrade for a mere $20.00. I know, again!! Your own website, well actually 2 of them, a back office, and you can build a team and share our amazing goodies all the while making some extra $ helping others.

I know I know! I sound all sales y and all that, but I get so excited especially when I see what others are doing and how so many lives have been changed! Doesn’t get better than this and it is all just three easy steps that anyone can do if they put their heart in it.

It isn’t always the changes we think it should be or might be. Sometimes we get our biggest surprises just like Shauna and Stacy did. I think I can safely say you can Expect to be Surprised!

And that’s a wrap for me today! Have an Awesome one…don’t forget to leave us a comment if you have any questions or would just like to say “Hi”

Merry C

Not For Small Mindsets

3 Nov

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would want to have a home business based on Supplements. Until I saw what I saw for extended Health and better improvement of our health right now!! Let’s face it, we all get older and it appears we are also living longer so if that’s the case wouldn’t it be fun to live it at your best ever!! For me, it was a resounding YES! A big HELL YES in fact.

You see with having a disease they cannot find a cure for that goes in and out of remission and having to suffer thru excruciating pain for months at a time my antenna went up as soon as I saw this information. It is important to have the right combination of ingredients working together.

Over the Counter Big Box Store or Smaller

You might think because you take numerous supplements from a health food store or a quality brand name that is enough but I am going to suggest that may not be so. How much do all those cost you? I know that I have taken several and the costs are high! One that I have used, that is in this combo of ingredients is a bit over $40 and it doesn’t do 1/2 of what this combo does with the same product in it.

The other part of the equation that has me so excited is I have friends and acquaintances that have suffered for years with health issues they have no cure for. Yes, bandaids but nothing that truly goes deep enough actually make the ‘fix.’ I know this because I am in it and taking strong meds for pain when a flare up occurs is not the answer.

Now I have something I can share with them and others that maybe will be the answer to helping them find more quality in living their lives. I hope so with all my heart. I don’t want anyone to suffer if they don’t have to.

What am I looking forward to the most? A change in my own health and then of course the rest is like whipping cream on top of your chocolate sundae! Because there is so much more…energy, sleep, weight, mood, and living longer with purpose and the means to do so for so many is yet another layer of icing on the cake.

My new journey begins in a few short weeks as I wait for my product to arrive. Excited beyond excited to be sharing what it does or doesn’t do with you and anyone else who visits me on my blog. So if you are curious be sure to mark your calendar for the end of the month, Nov.2020 for a new and hopefully exciting post. If you know beyond doubt after seeing the video information please reach out to me and we will get you going in the right direction. It is truly something that could help someone you know or maybe even yourself.

And just so you know, I am all about the truth and what really happens. I can’t get excited and have you try something unless I can with all honesty share what it is doing for me. Just taking those 3 magic little capsules a day has made huge changes for me. You can see some of the amazing stories in my blog posts from others. I suck at taking selfies and doing the whole photoshoot thing so I hope you can read between the lines and feel my honest truths about what I believe so far are the best supplements I have ever taken. I think that is why so many have dubbed them as magic pills.

No It is Not for Everyone

No it really isn’t for everyone. Heck I was saying Nope, no way, nadda and all the rest but something happened to change my mind. What I seriously love about this business that I found is you DO NOT need to be a distributor to get the products. You DO NOT have to have an auto-ship in place every month unless you want that kind of convenience.

It is still a ground floor opportunity and we are now opening in Mexico and the Philippines as well as a few other countries. Canada, Australia and New Zealand are just a few. Living in the times we are in, with a world wide pandemic in place, having your own little home business is where you will want to be. Side hustle or more. It is always up to you and once again, that is what I love about this company.

When they make the steps as simple as 1. 2. 3. anyone can do this if they choose. Totally up to you. If you are however looking for even an extra $500 a month it is more than doable. Oh, and you don’t lose your place or have to do any of those ‘start over thingy’s’ others have each month if you don’t reach a certain limit. Yup! Been there, done that and not ever going back!!

A company who puts YOU first!!

A company who is growing so fast and all because it has changed the model of Network Marketing and MLM! How you think and view things has the potential to change so much.

When presented with a better, easier way will you stay where you are or will you change your mindset? You can’t fake it when you are passionate about what you are doing. It just won’t work…people will know!

When the Co-Founder and Founder of the company know without a doubt that those people, you perhaps, in the field sharing products are the ones responsible for making the company millions of dollars and proves it by putting it back in your pocket with the highest commissions in the industry and the simplest and strongest compensation plan in the industry today, should you want to build a team, you know you have found a company like no other.

Turning into Chatty Cathy today as this is/was not planned. OOPS. But listen, I am being 100% with you and if you are interested in starting a business or you have friends in other places please reach out to me in the comment section or send me a direct email. Just click right here and I will reply asap. If you would like the time to check it out on your own then here is my personal site where you can browse around and see how it feels. I think it is important to check stuff out…especially when online and or you don’t know the person yet.

“Thanks for being here today and do please leave a comment below! We would love to hear from you. Have an awesome kinda day…..

A Scam…Pyramid THINGY!

27 Aug

Have you ever heard that MLM is a Scam, a Pyramid and isn’t/cannot be profitable for anyone in 2020? Well…They lied to you.

Here’s the catch; it just got more competitive and needs a little more smartness. And a whole lot of those MLM networking companies are getting some of that smartness. There is nothing Scammy about Multi-Level Marketing! Only the way it is presented. And the best part is some, very few actually, are starting to get it right. YES! Finally, a few are getting it!

Not having to build a team that is 100 legs wide and 50 deep AND for sure not having to “sign up” just to use the products! Heck NO to that! And what about some decent commissions coming at you? How many times have you tried this MLM kind of stuff only to find yourself on the losing end? I have and the biggest dilemma was the monthly required $$ costs to keep on going and the number of people you needed on your team, working as hard as you to even see a few dollars never mind break even. Yup. AND you start over every pay period or month? Like what the blank is that?

But here’s the thing. Once you get this in your blood, working from home, and especially if you are a social person who loves working with people, interacting, and helping others succeed then it is hard to walk away forever! You might take a break from it like myself and others did, but eventually, if you keep you are open-minded the right company and product will appear.

Before we go any further, I recently read a book that I highly recommend, especially if you have been like me and tried and tried and tried then just said, nope. Quitting on this model now, let’s try a different route. I want to share a short caption about Network Marketing and what it really is all about.

Here is a short excerpt from Jordan Adler’s “Beach Money”: Creating your dream life through network marketing. His book is available on Amazon in the kindle version as well as hard books. It is one of the most compelling and down to earth books I have read and I promise you, you will see yourself as you begin reading. I did so I know you will.

The Excerpt

“I have been around the networking profession for years and I have never seen any ONE person build a large team on his or her own. I have seen many people find a few people and over time turn that group into thousands. When thousands of people each set out to find one or two people each month that can create substantial growth and income!”

“I don’t know when momentum started for me. It might have started when I signed up my first “business builder”, or when I decided to be a leader or the day that ten people joined my team, or when my monthly check exceeded $10,000 for the first time. Or it may have happened when I was recognized for having a monthly pay increase of $3,000, or when my annual income exceeded $1 million.”

And that friends, is from Jordan Adler, who just kept on keeping on! His 12th company!! So if you have doubts or can’t imagine this happening for you, I think you should get his book(s). Personally, I have seen many doing this and I just happen to be on a team that is leading the company and my upline is seeing $30,000 months! For real. So if they can, I CAN and so CAN YOU!! ( And just so you know, because I thought that at first…they brought in a huge team from another company, but I was wrong! It is momentum and consistency!) And now you know the other reason I get so excited about what could be for you and me!

My Eyes Opened Wide

It did for me and I want to prove to you that it still works. Actually, I want to not only prove to you that the system is not totally flawed but that there are products that actually do exactly what they say and they are working not for just a handful, but hundreds of people. I will share a couple of those with you here in another post very soon. Oh, what the heck…let’s see just one awesome change shall we?

What is really important for me is that It works for me! I just can’t in all honesty be promoting something that doesn’t! It is like you need to see it first hand and then you know. That is just who I am and I guess for me it is just more important than the $$’s I could make if I was pretending. And yes, I have tried a few, and pretending wasn’t something I felt good about. Hopefully, you feel the same!

By the way, being skeptical is a good thing too. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! It is always best to err on the side of caution. I have jumped in with both feet thinking the water was deep enough only to find out very quickly that I had made an error.
What I know for a fact, are the products I am standing behind today do work. They are bloody amazing in so many areas of getting your body back into a healthier state. And for me, that is huge as I have had some major health issues to deal with.

While my supplements are not necessarily helping directly with those two major issues there are other things happening that I am over the moon happy about. I seriously cannot make any medical claims but let’s just say I have never felt this good in years! You can check out that part of what happened to me that brought my life as I knew it crashing down around me in my other posts in the Blog Roll.

But Here I Go Again getting all excited and ahead of myself. This post was to be only about MLM and those that think the Pyramid is such a terrible thing and all MLM’s are bad or scams. Speaking of a Pyramid did you know it is one of the longest and strongest standing structures in the world? And here is another way of looking at this so-called-pyramid everyone is afraid of.

How Easy is this M.L.M. Stuff?…It’s NOT

You will need the PPC’S…Patience Persistence & Consistency but it is the most rewarding experience EVER!!
Another way to look at this is through the eyes of the person looking to create an income/ business from home with little to no capital to invest. I covered some of this in an earlier post, you can read it here * Network Marketing, and specifically Multi-Level-Marketing, is the easiest and least expensive of any venture to start from home. So as to having money to start, this is easiest by far.

You don’t have to make your own website or buy a domain name with hosting to do this. You don’t have to create the products you sell or find someone to make them. It has all been done for you. Do you need to take specific training to do this? Nope! It is set up so that anyone can do this and anyone can succeed. The two biggest factors to failing in MLM, in my opinion, are:

  1. Our Govt’s are structured in this fashion
  2. The store that you buy your groceries at is this structure.
  3. Our school system is the same….

And I could go on and on, but here is the thing. In all systems, there is one (usually just one) head person or figure at the top. Let me ask you a question? Does the janitor of the school get paid the same as the Principle? No. Does that same janitor have the same responsibility as the Principle and is the janitor held accountable for what goes on with students and the staff in the school?

No. Right, and that is why the principle gets paid more.

Take a minute and watch this video. It is short and sweet and explains things so much better than I can when it comes to network marketing and scams or pyramids.

1. How the company’s marketing plan is structured and how and how much they pay you.

2. The products. Quality over quantity! They must work for others. They must help someone.

In my humble opinion, the products must work and they must help someone. This is paramount to success along with your mindset and getting the help promised from the person who sponsored you!! Too many complicated things can get in the way and then you can’t figure out for the love of money why you seem to be going in circles. Simplicity in your marketing, sincerity in your voice, and sharing results and honest to goodness leadership is all that is really needed in any network marketing company.

If you can do Simple then you can do this! Can you follow three steps?
  1. Use your products
  2. Share results ( a picture speaks a thousand words)
  3. Follow Up!

Who wants to see another one of those that speaks a thousand words? I thought you might. This is just in a few short months and the only addition was water. And this is actually just the icing on the cake for so many. If you want to see more just shoot me a note via an Email or in the comments.

Who Pays Out 50% Commissions?

What Are You Nuts?

I know of only one so far that is actually paying a commission on the actual real dollar that your customer spends. Not on the Cv or PV or BV or whatever it is called in your back office. But the actual dollar! How does 50% sound? I know, unheard of. And we are talking on the actual dollar spent!!

Here is an example; Let’s say you have a customer and their product purchase is $100.00. You would get paid $50.00 every time your customer purchases! Every time! Not just that first order. Pretty huge I would say.

And another is the Binary pay plan. Now, these can get downright complicated and that is scary for a lot of folks and I get that. I personally prefer simple as learning those pay plans was never my strongest suit. I just love people and finding products that seriously work and can help them with so much more than just health. But this one, the one I chose, has only two legs! One right and one left with a bunch of bonus plans in-between. I am in heaven!!…and it gets better!

Now, how about getting paid every WEEK!! And you don’t have to do a re-start back to day one!! You just keep on keeping on. That is how many companies are structured. I know, I was in one. This is the kind of ‘New structure’ I am talking about when it comes to Network Marketing and MLM.

And last but not least, you can just be just a customer if you choose! You do not, I repeat you do not have to sign up or be on some auto-ship thingy to get and use the products. I have a good friend that didn’t want to do the business building part and when I told her she didn’t have to and that she was in complete control of her orders she said: “That sure doesn’t sound like an MLM!”

Here is where it is happening

And one last little piece of advice if you are in network marketing now or looking to get started is that you make sure you are not relying on others to make it or break it and stop doing everything for them! Instead, teach them some simple steps and then rely on YOU and YOU only.

It is a known fact that people will join you, but the chance that they have the same dreams and goals you have are slim. So, the smartest thing you can do is be the guide and set an example.

Showing how and keeping it as simple

It is a challenge, there is no doubt about that. You will have days that are over-the-moon exciting and you will have days that drag you down. BUT, if you love your products and you know you have something that is going to change lives then you just get yourself back up, dust off what is dragging you down, and keep on keeping on!

Like I said earlier. This is in your blood! You will I’m sure, have a love/hate relationship with it, but my guess is that LOVE comes out on top every time! Not happy with where you are at or perhaps you are not experiencing what you had hoped for with your products or choice of company?…then my friend, CHANGE IT! You are only a failure if you quit altogether and choosing a new path is not quitting…it is taking care of business!

Wishing you the very best in all that you do. Leave me some love in the comments or reach out if you would like to know more about what has me so excited about Network Marketing again.

Now, that’s a wrap for me today…

Merry C

Are You Making Big Mistakes

25 Aug

It is Not Rocket Science

After a few years of frustration and feeling pretty bloody stupid, I came to realize that it doesn’t matter if I am working in my stilettos or my cuddle-me-close house pants!   What matters is You and Me telling it like it really is!  Not what someone else wants us to be or believe to be true because they said so!!

I am hoping to break down the simplicity of doing a home business because as it sits right now too many of us overthink the thunk and end up doing nothing more than being more confused.  Yes, they do want you to believe that it takes a ‘secret’ formula or that you have to pay more than your base pay allows you to learn the ‘right way’ to do it.

I am going to break that myth into small pieces because what you don’t need to be successful online are:

  1. Expensive Guru training
  2. Fancy Websites
  3. A product of your own to sell

What Can You Help People Do?

I think we miss this too often or we get started in the right direction to help, our intentions are good, BUT unfortunately, this can change and quickly if you are following the advice of some of the not so ‘savory’ boys and girls we see online.  I really cannot stress this enough…always keep your third eye open and listen carefully to your instincts. 90% of the time you and your instincts are right!

Now, should you encounter any of these not so savory characters, gracefully get yourself on out of there and do not return!!  It is all part of your online learning experience and I for one wish it was anything but that!  One thing about learning the hard way is you are now more aware and your cautionary red flags will rise much quicker than before.  Pay attention.  It is your journey and yours to be accountable for.

Truth is A Good Thing

I struggled with this, the truth, a lot. I saw so many wonderful stories of rags to riches and other stories that were all dressed up with nothing but fluff and cotton candy to draw you in.  In actual fact not all of that is necessary. But we still see it. Please don’t get me wrong because there are some of the most credible people, amazing leaders who did indeed come from nothing. But they tell their ‘story’ just a bit different and a whole lot more humbly.

We think we don’t know what we know and that is what gets us in trouble in the first place.  Read that again. Now, stop second-guessing yourself and just do it. Listen to your ‘gut’. ( speaking of which, did you know that ‘gut health’ is paramount to losing or shedding a few of those ‘extras’ that show up on the scale? And Yogurt, I do love my yogurt…can be bigger than you know when it comes to that silly scale.) more later

Procrastination can also be huge in anything we do and when it comes to starting your own home business, it is just that for a whole lot of us. At least for me, it was. I also thought I needed to be learning and learning and learning more before moving forward or actually doing it. I thought I had to learn to do it right…you know, more like make it perfect before it could possibly work. What I didn’t know was none of that is necessary to be successful.

Yes, you do need some knowledge but not like I was telling myself, signing up for courses to teach me things I thought I needed before I could even start! The thing about this kind of thinking is it fits right into that procrastination mode so nicely. I had a perfect excuse to not do, what was in my heart. Why? I was afraid. Some Self Sabotage I am sure but mostly I was afraid of what ‘people’ would say or think. I needed to get out of MY OWN WAY and GET OVER MYSELF!

I seriously needed a kick in the ‘booty’! I needed to believe in myself and get over the past mistakes or past experiences that just didn’t pan out. I learned and I grew from my choices so it was time to dust it off, shake it off and get on with making everything possible. Has this ever happened to you?

A Short Story

I heard this little story recently. We will call it The Ant and The Elephant

The Ant is walking to the East while the Elephant is walking to the West. The Elephant is a lazy dude and just strolling along at a snails pace while the Ant is feverishly hustling along and determined to get where he is going as quickly as he can.

But no matter how hard or fast the little Ant walks he is not getting closer to the East and he just can’t understand why. The Elephant meanwhile is getting closer to his destination in the West. The little Ant is so perplexed.

Your conscious mind is the Ant and your Sub-conscious mind is the Elephant. If they are not aligned, no matter what you say or do it won’t ever happen the way you want it to you. You will never ever reach your target.

The Real Story Behind the Story…the Ant is on the Elephant‘s back! (A Simple analogy of what happens in our minds. )

What is your GOAL? What is your #1 DREAM?

Do you have a plan? Do you have a dream of more? If you do, you are further ahead than a lot of people. Too often we are afraid of the unknown or we just plain don’t know what we want. We’ve been so busy doing what everyone else has told us we want we forgot about the most important person in the equation. YOU! ME!

We are all vulnerable to what others have taught us, right or wrong, we still do it. You may decide to become something, anything just to prove you are good enough. Problem is you are proving this to the wrong people/person. The only person that you need to prove anything to is yourself! Not so easy when you have been taught a different story.

Well, today is the day you can change anything you want. The mind is greater than we can imagine and nope, I didn’t believe it entirely either…that is until recently when all my ‘trying’ started to fall into play.

What I do know is, If you have an idea and it doesn’t go away it usually means you should act on it. At least do some digging and find out more and then make a decision. Having more than one source of income is the ‘norm’ today and actually in most cases is much needed. My favs when you are just starting out are:

  • Network Marketing…still one of the easiest and least costly
  • Affiliate Marketing...again easy to set up, no products but there will be costs that you won’t see coming.
  • DropShipping or E-commerce is very popular and many avenues to pursue. My second personal fav. Make sure you can spare a few hundred to get rolling.

Each of the above is relatively low cost to get started and there is a lot of help available as you learn your way. If you love people and love to help others chances are network marketing is going to be for you. It is more hands on, yes even if done only online you will play a role in others success stories.

Make sure you can enjoy and have fun with whatever you do and treat your Business as a Business! Seriously. Too many don’t. Try thinking of it like you are going to your job-job and set boundaries and work hours. Be consistent. Everything counts, big and small.

*****Note Network Marketing is also known as relationship marketing, Direct Sales, attraction marketing, and a whole bunch more. They are all the same and they are 100% legitimate. If you question whether it is one of those “pyramid thingys” then darlin’ you are probably in the wrong place. Sorry. And just to clarify a bit further, the Pyramid is one of the strongest and longest-standing structures in the world! Says a lot doesn’t it?

And just in case you need a bit more ‘truth’ here is an awesome book to read that you may just see yourself in. I know I did! The author is Jordan Adler and his book is “Beach Money” and yes, you can get it in your Kindle or Kindle reader for like $9.99. The best $9.99 you will spend…that is a promise!

If you have something in mind but still are not sure which you are better suited for, please leave me a comment and I will be very happy to help. The key ingredient to anyone’s success is…Never Stop Trying!

Wishing you an Awesome Day and keep moving towards your Goals!

and that’s a wrap…

Merry C.

P.S. remember to leave a comment if you enjoyed my post today. We love it that happens.

Life Threw Me A Punch!

21 Jul

Do You or Have You Felt Like You’re Not Good Enough?

No longer an option

I did and it was hard to admit you were playing a role that you didn’t enjoy playing! That is almost a victim role but if you are like I was, you don’t even know you are doing it. Too often we settle and we buy into what someone else has told us about what is best for us! How do they know so much about us anyway? Or it could be as in my case, a double whammy hit me with not one but two health issues that literally knocked me off my feet.

I have shared the first part of my story, for the first time in an earlier post. And the second half is right here. One of the reasons I am sharing is because we have the power within us to change how we think and feel and consequently how we go about living no matter what the situation. Easy? Hell NO! But so possible and so real. And I hope with all sincerity that this post helps even one person see their own situation in a different light.

Keep an open mind and follow your own dream. After all it is yours and yours alone! Not too often do you see someone else with the identical dream.

Entrepreneurship can feel like an impossible dream. You can become an expert in a lot of things, but self doubt isn’t one where you want to to become an expert. Why? Because everybody and anybody can become a successful entrepreneur. If you’ve ever doubted yourself, STOP. You can wait your entire life for some magical moment or transformation…or you can take the necessary steps to change it right now.

It is called Mindset or a Mind Shift and you have probably seen or read about this as it seems to be all over social media. But the truth is, it really is that simple. You must first CHOOSE to take that first step and re-program your thoughts. You may not have a passion or a purpose, or you may think you need one to be successful but the truth is anyone can be an entrepreneur. You are an entrepreneur if you sell anything to anyone a product a service or ___then you have that in your blood. You just need to know it, simplify it and believe it. Believe in you and success can be yours.

And here is another foot note If you are doing a side hustle or home business in network marketing and you know you have something very special then for heaven’s sake share it because if you don’t someone else is going to!! Just make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. The value you can offer others is far greater than those feelings of self doubt. Think of yourself as being a part of someone’s solution especially if what you have is something you believe in.

The Day My Life Changed…a DOUBLE WHAMMY!

It was supposed to be an exciting time for me. We had finally gotten conclusive evidence and the correct diagnosis for what was happening to me…Livedoid Vasculopathy and the medication was finally starting to work. For the first time in over 2 years I was pain free and no longer needing the Oxy-Codeine and Morphine combos to deal with the pain. I had been given my ‘release papers’ from home nursing care to dress my wounds! It was an exciting time! I was over the moon and ready to start over.

The healing time with the new medication took a few months but by Jan. I was on the mend and it was just a few more months to spring and getting back on track with a new career choice. I loved decorating and had always been given compliments or asked to decorate for friends or family so thought maybe doing something like “Staging Homes for Real estate” or Staging homes to live in would be a fun thing to do.

I started looking for training as I liked the idea of learning the ins and outs and being certified. It just seemed like something I might need. I found an awesome online training that would take me a few months to complete along with some extra training in choosing the best colors for your home. Dressing up your home to sell it or just to live in is such a treat and I was excited as I progressed with each module and exam.

It was late April and I was just finishing up and getting all my pamphlets done and business cards made and an open house arranged to introduce my new and wonderful adventure. I already had two people asking for advice on fixing up certain living areas in their homes. The doorbell rang, and a box was sitting on my doorstep. My pamphlets and business cards were here and they were perfect! I had just gotten off the phone with a ‘student painter’ and we were setting up a meeting to discuss working to help each other getting underway and then it was a crash and burn as I went down so hard I had no idea what was happening.

My excitement turned to sheer PANIC and FEAR! I couldn’t breathe for more than a few steps at a time. This was so strange. I kept telling myself it was something in the air and I would just go and sit and try something different. It continued for a long long time and even just trying to shower or do my hair was a huge effort. I am sure it was the longest hair drying time in history. I had to keep stopping…and then my voice started to change and talking became difficult. I wasn’t getting better, that was for sure. In actual fact I think it was my determination to keep on going that got me as far as I got. I was sure it would go away and was just something silly happening to me.


Gasping for air and struggling to even speak…my words were being forced out of me! It was now a 911 emergency. The ambulance was called as it was serious and I was transported to the Hospital. Nothing scary about that! I couldn’t talk, and it was very painful as my chest felt as though it could break apart or explode at any minute. I remember the paramedic saying he thought I may be having a heart attack and asked me to chew this aspirin on the way to the hospital. I was starting to get even more anxious and remember asking for my brother to be called.

Once in the Emergency Dept. and in the trauma unit, it was filled with nurses and Drs. taking my clothes off and trying to find out what was happening. Then they put the stethoscope to my back and the Dr. said I am not getting any breath sounds on the left side. An Xray cart was called and they propped me up and had me attached to oxygen and sure enough, my lung had collapsed with no apparent warning or injury.

They called for the on-call surgeon and it wasn’t long before they were prepping me for what was to be an excruciating experience. A chest tube was being inserted into my chest cavity, thru the rib cage and I could feel every single wiggly movement!! Yes, you had to be awake! I really cannot tell you the time frame here, but it was a few hours later and more x-rays and then they moved me to a different area of emergency to wait for a room as I needed to be admitted to the hospital for a few days.

It was during this time that a few things were starting to change again. I was calmed down and breathing with help so that was a relief but my skin was looking odd. I didn’t notice it until after they had taken me to the x-ray dept. and the orderly had me laying down. When they brought me back up to a sitting position, my skin had a mottled effect but just on my arms. It was so odd. I showed the nurse when she came in and then we just dismissed it. Soon after I was admitted and hoping for sleep, if that was even going to be possible.

It was instead to be a very very long night which was going to turn into a very long 8 week journey. Something wasn’t right with the machine I was hooked up to…or so the nurses thought. It was making a lot of racket that was unusual so the head nurse called my Doctor and they sent me back down to see the surgeon again for a ‘ deep stitching’ I believe they called it. It would seem we may have had some air still leaking and so they wanted a precautionary measure taken.

The Moment Time Stood Still

This felt like it was turning into a nightmare! I just wanted to go to sleep and this procedure was almost as difficult to bear as the first one. But I was brave and away we went. Done… and now please can I please have a sleeping pill? I really think I deserve a rest now, was my ‘quip’ to the nurse. She smiled and agreed.

I don’t think even one hour had passed and the nurse had given me my sleeping pill and alarm bells were going off again. Now I had several nurses in my room all trying to figure out why this machine I was attached to was sounding like a kettle over-boiling water at tea time! I am sure there were five nurses in the room when all of a sudden I can’t breathe, I can’t talk and no one is looking up at me!!

Finally, a nurse looks up and I am signaling with my hand in a slashing motion across my neck to tell her I can’t breathe. I had no idea what color I was or that I was swelling beyond recognition but that is what was happening. She almost screamed and the last thing I remembered was them running with me and the gurney, down the hall.

When I woke up, I had no idea where I was or what had happened. I was in the ICU and couldn’t see other than thru tiny slits in my eyes. What had happened to me is called Subcutaneous Emphysema. An air leak under the skin. Very dangerous if not stopped. They didn’t want to show me what I looked like but I was told later by my sister-in-law that the only way she knew it was me was by my hands.

And that is how you get hit with a double whammy BAM***

I remained in the ICU until an air ambulance jet and the paramedic team arrived to transport me to a larger city where a team of thoracic surgeons would oversee me and do more tests. All was looking good, and my lung had finally re-healed ( the lungs can do that) and returned home with an appointment to have my stitches removed on Friday of that week. I hoped beyond hope that I never had to go thru something like this again.

It was Terrifying!!

Alone, in a hospital you have never been in, not knowing why or what actually happened to you and then to have it happen again!! This time it was a loud gasping sound that came out of me early on a Sunday morning. Exactly one week from being released from the hospital. Having already had one experience with similar symptoms I knew it was going to be a 911 call again.
This time they didn’t hesitate. Chest tube inserted immediately after the x-ray and the thoracic team was called for a video conference call and I was transported by air ambulance within 3 days to have surgery to try and repair the lung.

Not one but two major surgeries took place in a short time frame of 10 days. The first surgery attempt had complications and 10 days later it was a more intense surgery with an ICU recovery.

6 weeks later

It has been quite the journey but you know I am still keeping on and not giving up or in. I don’t know when the next time will be but I am on the Drs. radar now. They told me two things:

  1. They say once it happens, and it is spontaneous,your risk of having it happen again are higher than most.

2. It would take close to a year to fully recover as this was very major surgery. ( ICU was my recovery room and then back to the ward for another 7 days)

In that year of recovery the market fell apart for home sales and once again I had to put aside something I had been excited to try. It was a hard pill to swallow but there is a lot of power in how we think so I just had to keep on keeping on!

You can try and fail or fall down due to circumstances but the only time you become a failure is when you stop getting back up. That was not an option for me. It was non-negotiable! I would just keep searching for something that would work for me, or be a really good fit.

I did however ask a few times what the b-geezers was happening? And why it was happening to me, but I didn’t quit. I kept on trying…and failing, I might add, but I tried. Then, unfortunately, it happened again! This time with the right lung.

This was a really hard one which left me totally out of the loop. It was another very long recovery with not one but two long stays in hospital, after one very brief return home only too re-collapse and three chest tubes later, a major infection from the chest tubes, and a shadow of the person I used to be. But I made it and I overcame the challenges that were in front of me. It almost didn’t happen. I seriously, very seriously was doubting that I had any fight left in me.

This was bigger than me but I decided I had to do this. I could not and would not give in. Not yet! No way.

When you are in this type of situation, any normal activity which is often taken for granted when you are healthy doesn’t exist. No, actually let me re-phrase that. It is taken for granted!

Do you think about how you are going to get yourself from point A to point B? Or plan out how you are going to wash your hair…take a shower…step by step? No, of course not. We take breathing for granted until we can’t that is.

I had also remembered reading that you have to make your lungs work in order to heal. Do whatever you can. Don’t stop. Make your lungs do the work. It felt like going to the gym for a full work-out or running a marathon without putting in the practice time or being in shape. They say without pain there is no gain. I was putting that to the test that was for sure!! What a fight getting thru that pain and the fear that surrounds you in case it should happen again. But you just keep on keeping on and keep on pushing through!


If anyone tells you a “story” about recovery without any kind of depression they might be feeling that they cannot share that part of their recovery. It seems there has always been a lot of shame that surrounds depression. That should NOT be the case!! We are only human and we can only endure so much for so long. When ever there is trauma there is a chance of depression or anxiety as you recover.

The best part, which I recently learned, is we have the power within us to change how we cope and how we can overcome any obstacles put in front of us. Is it easy? No way! But it is possible. Anything is if you want to make it happen. I think the biggest thing if I am to be totally honest here is that it takes time and focus and just plain ‘getting it’! When that happens, when you really get it, everything can change for you. I have an earlier post where I shared a bit on mindset and attraction factors. Look for Mindset-the-Choice-is-Yours in my blog roll if you would like to read more.

My Struggle Was Real

I hadn’t shared my story of all that had happened to me or the depression and tears of frustration other than with a few close people, until right now. So, when I was introduced to this new supplement, and I saw what others were saying I got excited.

I take one supplement to help me every day and after being on this now for almost 2 months I can tell you, with all sincerity that I don’t want to miss one day NOT EVER again. I missed a couple of days and the difference was astonishing. I actually didn’t think this could happen so quickly but it did. I went for a slam dunk and not the kind we celebrate! I crashed and then I knew.

No, I certainly am not a nutritionist or health guru nor do I have any training in this area. All I know is that it works for me and I was willing to give it a try. In my mind, if it is 100% natural how could it possibly do any harm? I had nothing to lose and a whole lot of happier days to gain.

AND…I DID, I DID, I DID!! Whoop whoop and a solid 10 thumbs up because I am getting happier and have more focus every day! Nope, not every day is perfect, but it is more than 75% better than I have had in years. SO, YES to getting more of me back.

Overcoming depression can be an ongoing struggle but I can say with all honesty that I feel more like ‘myself’ every day. I feel stronger in my mind than I have in a long time. I stopped taking any medications related to depression. No one said life would be easy and no one can predict health issues. They say if you don’t have your health you can’t possibly have wealth and success or even happiness but I think I am going to prove that statement wrong! Hell, I am determined to prove that it is possible. Anyone care to join me?

And if there is one other thing I have learned in this struggle is to NEVER assume anything about anyone or their circumstances! You do not know their story. Besides, when we assume, we are mostly wrong anyway. Right?

And that’s a wrap for me today…

Merry C.

Questions? Reach out I am only an email away…