Do You Have a Dream?

2 Jul

Persistence, tenacity, grit—whatever you want to call it, if you are reading this post today, you probably have some of that! When you have a dream, and it has your name attached to it that is a sure sign you know you can feel there is more to this life you are living and you want some of it.

I can remember feeling that many times in my own life, only to be told “who do you think you are” so I shelved the idea deep into my sub-conscious mind. There is so much more, and I am sure like so many others, even perhaps you, trauma, injury, abusive situations but that will be another story time. Survivors.

That feeling of “more”, it kept re-appearing over the years and there were those times that success happened and was over the moon incredible. With success can also come a falling out. In my one case it was with one company changing ownership and then unfortunately going out of business. It happens. Where the true grit comes in is how you deal with that and move forward.

Not everyone deals with this the same way. You just keep on keeping on at your own pace searching for what feels right for you.

And of course the problem is not everyone is equipped with the right mindset…not your fault. You were never taught the ‘how’ of that part of life. It can actually take years for many and for others, it can be faster. But I can tell you right now, when YOU are ready it can happen and it can be in the blink of an eye. Yes, for real. Oh, you will still have work to do but if you have had even an inkling of your first encounter and what it will feel like everyday of the rest of your life. If you are persistent, that one encounter can keep you searching for more so don’t lose sight of it.

Results can and do happen in record time when you focus on the inner game. All these experiences you had left an imprint on you… which over the years stacked up…and could be the reason why you weren’t able to attract whatever it is you needed or are desiring to attract into your life.

Within your core, you have a powerful energy that has no limitations and knows no boundaries. But it does require you to work at it, yes. That is a must-do. Here is what happened when I was finally ready and the “feelings” I experienced were nothing short of mind-boggling. It was one of those…BOOM!! moments.

Two Words Is All You Need…”I CHOOSE”

It was while I was reading a book written by Natalie Led well one of the creators of Mind Movies that it happened. It was late, and I had been trying to ‘get into’ it and finish it up. It was like magic. I have no other words to describe what happened in the next 30 min. or days right after but it happened. The book was very compelling as it told a story that could have been any one of us.
But, and it was a pretty big but here, I knew if I was going to get anything from reading this or listening to the other L.O.A. coaches I had to do something first. So I made a decision. I said only three words. I CHOOSE HAPPINESS. That was it. And then as I was drifting off to sleep I remember thinking What If

What if this terrible disease I had been given was no longer present in my body. What if I could reverse everything that had happened in the last 7 years and the 8 before that leading up to all this? WHAT IF! And what happened in the next few minutes has stayed with me and it was so bloody magical I still get all tangled up in a knot!

I started to imagine what it would be like and it felt so real. I could see it and I could feel it. Yes, I actually imagined and felt what it was going to be like. I mean really felt it. So, when you are hearing about the Laws of Attraction and manifesting in your life please know that it is real. Can I say I am in complete and total remission from all…not yet but there are others that can and have.

One is a short story about a man who was badly injured and they said his foot must be amputated. It was so badly damaged it would never function properly nor would he ever be able to walk or stand on it like normal again. It did not happen overnight…things like that seldom do, but it did happen. To this day you cannot tell he was so badly injured and mangled that the Dr. thought his only recourse was amputation. But he was determined.

What did he do? He started visualizing in his mind every day that his foot was healed and back to normal where he could walk and stand and use it just like anyone else with two feet. I believe he visualized it by looking at his good foot first and then seeing the other as that foot. Fully functional. Remarkable? Yes, and there are more stories just like this. Thank you Mary Morrissey for sharing so many wonderful stories of recovery, including your own.

From This Point Things Started to Shift

Now, I have to back up just a wee bit for the rest to make sense. You see, I had been searching for something better in my life for awhile. The L.O.A( Law of Attraction) was not new to me but the way I started to hear it certainly was. For the longest time, every time I had tried to do this ‘stuff’…I will call it ‘stuff’ for at that point it was just stuff and I was not happy with my results or lack of any I guess. I actually started to believe it was ME. I wasn’t good enough and that is why it wouldn’t work.

Little did I know it was not my fault nor even the ‘teacher’! There was just a whole lot that was missing from what they were teaching and a lot of coercing from too many with phone calls for your money. That did not sit well with me. So I set it aside for years thinking it was all probably just a money grabber. I was so wrong about so much.

It took listening to one man, the man I actually thought was just like all the rest but as it turned out, wasn’t, and me really hearing what he said. I was in tears of both joy and a bit of overwhelm because of what I thought was true for so many years, wasn’t true at all. It was like getting hit over the head with something very heavy! THUD!

Bob Proctor is the man of the hour and it was this man that finally started the ball rolling for me. Now I couldn’t possibly afford his seminars or coaching classes being offered so I started following and listening to everything he had that was available free. I was determined and I knew going about it this way was the long hard way, but I had to try. I didn’t have the funds for one of those big seminars…yes even the ones that are virtual can be costly. I get that, and I made a decision to do the best I could at this time. Something was telling me ‘the best is yet to come’

I wanted a home business that I could do just from home and online if I chose. But I didn’t trust my own judgment anymore. I felt like such a loser for trying so many things but nothing seemed to pan out the way it was supposed to, or I lost my ‘mojo’ along the way. I felt like a huge failure and soon started to NOT trust my own judgment to make the right choices. But even with all that, I just couldn’t NOT try. I had to keep on keeping on…

I wrote on a piece of paper that I was grateful that the perfect home business that was coming my way…then I tucked it away. I practiced with a few affirmations and goals, AND THEN IT HAPPENED! A friend I trusted reached out to me with an opportunity she was looking at and asked if I would like to see it. I hesitantly said OK and went to have a look.


Taking Action

I had totally said in my mind and I was very adamant, I might add, that I was not going to ever EVER try any form of network marketing…attraction marketing, relationship marketing, direct sales or network marketing…they are actually all the same in case you didn’t know, ever again. Not because I didn’t think it was a good avenue for a home business, because it actually is one of the top, for the least amount of dollar outlay. No, it was because I truly believed I sucked at it and it would have to be something I loved and knew was working for me first as well as others.

I had been approached by so many, probably you have too, and I tried so many but when the products you are selling don’t work for you how can you possibly be excited and feel good about sharing with others? When it came to me, I couldn’t. So nope, no more to M.L.M. And especially no to supplements. “I had a bit of an attitude.”

So, can you just imagine my face when I saw what my friend was sharing with me? You really probably can’t and may I say the biggest surprise was on me!!

I trusted her, I trusted everything I had been learning from Nat and Bob…but the biggest surprise came when I said yes. Everything about what she was showing me felt right. There was no question in my mind and no strong pull to run in the other direction. It was the total opposite to what I would have expected to do. Taking action was the next step and that was easy after seeing what is below.

With so many people sharing pictures of their journey so far and telling their personal stories it was/is incredible. And you know what they say. A picture is worth a thousand words and pictures don’t lie! Here’s your sneak peek of a couple I would like to share that touched my heart in a very big way. The first set is a 3 month or 90-day time frame.

So Much More to this Sneak Peek!

Yes, it catches your attention almost immediately but there is so much more than just the weight loss! It is the ‘icing on the cake’ so-to-speak as these natural supplements ( just 3 a day) do so much more. How many times have you looked in the mirror and hated what you saw looking back at you? How many times have you wanted to change that image but just got lost in the shuffle of having to change so much just to even get started?

I knew that one.

When I read what others were saying in the private group that was created for sharing it was blowing me away. Some of the stories touched my heart. It is about so much more…and there are many more so I will share a few more along with my own in another post. If you are curious or would like to see more drop me a note in the comments or send an email and I will be sure to get you an invitation so you can see more. ( and don’t worry, you can’t be anything but be a ‘looky-loo‘ in the group) We have some cool rules in place for you. 1. You can’t buy anything 2. You can’t sign up either!

What I truly love so much is the reality and the time frame. No one is making those huge overnight success claims-to-fame and when you see so many with similar results for weight and sleep, mood, energy, and focus you know there is something very special going on.

Now, as I finish up today, I would like to share something a friend said to me. She was interested in the products for herself and she was worried that she had to sign up as she was not into the business aspect and wondered if this was even possible. When I explained that she was in complete control and there was no REQUIRED auto-ship as so many have, and no you don’t have to sign up in order to use the products she was impressed. Her own words…” sure doesn’t sound like an M.L.M. or network marketing company!”

And there is a good reason for that! It is because it is NOT LIKE ANY OTHER M.L.M. OR NETWORK MARKETING COMPANY OUT THERE.

You have to see it with your own eyes to believe it. I have seen a lot of others, tried some, failed miserably at some, and this is the truth! I have not seen another with this kind of simple pay plan and structure for building a team and earning some extra income. And the products are so simple and so affordable for what you get.

And with that said, I wouldn’t be doing a very good job if I didn’t suggest you go ahead and have a look with your own pretty little eyes. So, just click right here, or as I mentioned earlier, send me an email or leave a comment below. I would love to offer you an invitation to our private group so you can see more of the same results. Either way, you are 100% safe from any obligation. The choice is always yours.

My goal is to reach out and help you to see that there is more and it can be done. It isn’t every day something this epic shows up in your life. Not into a side hustle? No problem there. The choice is yours. Do you make the changes or do you make the excuses?

Honesty and trust are my priority as I share this with you. Reach out in the comments below or just go ahead and send me an email I love getting real mail, I mean who doesn’t. We can get acquainted and then go from there.

And that’s a wrap for today…

A Dose Of Powerful

29 Jun

Sleep makes you smarter and can add years to your life. Power comes in the form of fruits and Veggies everyday. We just can’t always get enough of the right fruits and veggies we need to amp up our overall needs tho’ so what can we do?

Well, here are a couple tips that might enhance or help a little…tart cherry juice. 8 oz in the evening could help you sleep better. Just like snacking on Vitamin C-rich foods like bell peppers and citrus fruits can help with stress. Food can be powerful as well as harmful if we eat to much of those fun mood foods! You know the ones…emotional eating, cravings for…sweets, baked goodies, chips popcorn and more. Where did all the fun food go?

A Dose of Daily

To be perfectly honest it is not easy changing out your eating habits, and especially for a whole family let alone just yourself. And depending on where you live you can’t always get the fresh fruits and produce you need to get your power on. Kiwi and Blueberries are just two that are claimed to be power fruits.

I think that is why taking the right supplement, one that is organic, vegan with all-natural fruits and veggies may be easier for most. If you could get everything you needed daily just taking 3 simple capsules, would you? And not having to worry about how much of what you are getting because it has all been done for you…awesomeness!

Going to the health food store or to the pharmacy that carries supplements gets pretty pricey when you think of how many different ones you need to take to stay nourished, to sleep better and have better energy and focus all day long. Just knowing which ones you really need is big enough for me. Heck the cost adds up pretty quick and if you aren’t seeing results…

Which brings me to another point. How do you know who has the best ones for you? I mean seriously have you seen how many health and wellness company’s there are? I know! It gets tricky so in some cases it comes down to trust.

Trust Your Gut

Trust your instincts. Listen to what others are saying and not just one or two people. Take it all in before you make your decision. Taking supplements is not the same as going to the grocery store for your weekly shopping trip. They can be expensive and they can take more than one try to know or feel any results. If you are like me, less is always more in my eyes.

For me it came down to just that. Trust and seeing and reading what others were sharing. All different people, men and women old and young. Their stories were remarkable. I also liked only having to take 3 little magic pills a day! Yeah, they really are like magic. I fell in love pretty quickly and started to feel more like myself again. And trust me, it had been a long time since I felt like I used to.

All I needed was 3 Simple Organic All Natural Vegan Capsules

Don’t Believe Just Me…Clear Out the Excuses

Seriously, don’t believe just me! I want you to hear from a few others and what they have to say as well. But before I do that, let me tell you that we are a company of 5 products currently with 2 more on the horizon. It is all about Quality, not Quantity. Simply Simpler.

Not new as in a brand new company, but new as in the momentum the team revolution has created. Yes, in the middle of a pandemic people are moving forward and seeing BIG things happening in their lives.

So when you are ready, let me invite you so you can Plug-In and see what a few others have to say on our private Facebook Group. It is an invitation-only page/group and the rules are strict. You cannot be approached to join and you cannot be approached to make any purchases. You can however be the best little “looky-Loo” you can be! So leave me a message in the comments with the words ‘plug in’ and I will get an invite to you asap.

Here is a Sneak Peek at three awesome Journeys:

Would Results Like these Impact Your Life?

3 Capsules Daily with Water…simple

What I really want to focus on here is you and where you are at. How are you feeling? How is your mood? Is the start of a great day, full of rewarding experiences something you would love to see for yourself daily? How about your mood? Could it use a wee boost in these strange times we are going thru and a worldwide pandemic?

Here is a Bit More of Me:
You see, once upon a time, I was that skeptical, frustrated person that might be you reading this right now. Wary of spending more money that I didn’t have to lose, and precious time on yet another product or home business! And damn sure it wasn’t going to be some expensive vitamins or anything like that. Yeah, I had some attitude as I had tried a few and they made me feel pretty awful. But, life has a way of sneaking up on you from behind and giving you that nudge when you aren’t expecting it. That is exactly what happened to me and I am so happy it did.

You have one shot at the day, so why not start off on the right foot? Move over morning routines and stop cringing at the sound of your morning alarm! Is it time to start implementing a new morning routine? It was for Kimberly, and it sure was for me. I might have been just being like you right now…rolling my eyes, thinking it is just another one of those claims to fame we read every other day, but I’m not. Because I decided to change things up.

It was time to change that low energy and mood for something that can if you are not careful put you into ‘hyper-drive’! I am perfectly serious when I talk about the increase in your energy levels and mood. Wow! This is one powerful little all-natural vegan capsule that I started taking every morning.

My energy levels were always pretty good, at least considering being sleep deprived for too long…but this seriously had me in a better mood. Almost right away! But at first try it was a bit of a different story. Imagine putting something that was full of goodness into your body that it just, well to be honest, wasn’t used to getting. YEAH! Sticker shock I think.

one little green capsule


Are you a night Owl or A light sleeper? Do you have trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep?

According to the National Sleep Foundation, sleep is directly related to how we perform on a daily basis and can impact our overall quality of life. And, guess what? Your body not only needs sleep but it also loves to sleep! When our body is at rest, it’s actually working very hard. While you’re asleep, your heart rate slows, and your blood pressure drops, yielding incredible benefits to the cardiovascular system. We are giving our bodies the time it needs to regulate and repair muscle tissue, and that happens during our deepest sleep. I didn’t know this until recently.

Are you a morning person? Or do cringe at the sound of your morning alarm?

It can be hard to take full advantage of the day when you wake up feeling tired and cranky. I don’t know about you but those nights where I am in constant battle with my mind trying desperately to fall asleep, reaching for anything close by to eat…thinking that will help as the cycle continues. OR, those nights with what they call restless leg syndrome? So frustrating!

Here are a few things that I do along with taking my all natural and vegan sleep capsule to help me get into a great sleep pattern. ( no I won’t ever be without this little angel and I take it about 30 min to one hour before I plan to go to sleep ) That is what works for me…you may be different.

  • laying face up, start taking several deep breaths in and then slowly exhale. The slow, steady breaths you take mimic the slow breathing patterns you experience while you are sleeping. This can help with getting into a deeper sleep faster.
  • turn off your phone, iPad or laptop or any other distractions that keep your mind aware & thinking…When it comes to learning how to stop being a night owl this is a good rule to follow.

Just a note, since starting my routine with a natural sleep aid my restless legs are less and less frequent, and falling asleep and staying asleep is more consistent. I am not 100% there every night but what I can honestly tell you is that even tho’ I may struggle a bit to stay asleep, I am getting back to sleep much faster and deeper than I have ever experienced before.

I think we tend to forget that it takes a bit of time when you have sleep issues or anything else we are trying to change. it didn’t take one day or night to start being sleepless just as it didn’t take one day to gain some extra weight we don’t need. We have to be consistent and patient. And stay off the bloody scales! Drink a little more water and that is all she wrote. I am so happy to report that every night for me my sleep just gets better. My life, me, the person I used to be is finally getting back on track.

If you are experiencing any of the issues we talked about today, just reach out with a comment or message me and I will be more than happy to share what is helping me and may help you. ❤️

and that’s a wrap

Merry C.

My World Changed

27 Jun

I had gone from ‘I love shoes’ to the ‘Flip Flop Lady’

The thought of simply going back to the way things were is no longer an option. I was no stranger to pain, that was pretty evident as I had cortisone shots in my spine several times a year just so I could stay working…thanks to an amazing pain control Dr. It was something I had struggled with for years but kept it pretty well hidden for a long time. If anyone has dealt with serious back issues you know this struggle. I was dealing it with it anyway I could. A single Mom who needed to work so you just did what you had to do. No, pain was no stranger to me.

But this…what ever this was that was happening to me so suddenly was like no other pain I had endured for such long periods. It was unrelenting and the hardest part was not knowing what was going on. I clearly remember even now, 15 years later the little dot that had formed just below my right ankle. How could a little pink dot hurt so bad? I could barely stand for more than a few hours at a time and I was a hair stylist so as you can imagine it was very difficult.

When I finally couldn’t stand the pain any longer I had to cancel the remaining clients that day and go to the closest clinic for some help. That little pink dot that looked like something had bitten me was now getting bigger and the pain increasing. The Dr. was flustered as she had not seen anything quite like this before and a flesh-eating disease did come into the conversation. We made the decision to wait until Monday when I could see my regular physician and she was offering to send some info to him suggesting getting some tests done.

Actually it was quite the surprise to actually see her come into my Dr.’s office while I was there. She was genuinely concerned about me and wanted to see how I was doing a few days later. The pain was increasing as was the size of this dot. None of it made sense, and it continued to spiral out of control both with pain and in size.

I kept trying to work as long as possible and waited to see a surgeon and have a few more tests done at the hospital. It was getting so difficult because now it was a kind of pain that didn’t stop and raged on all night. Even water touching my skin brought tears to my eyes. I felt so helpless and this dot was no longer a dot but a huge gaping hole in the side of my foot. No bleeding, as you would expect from a wound. Just pain and a gaping hole, which was now a concern for infection. And off to wound care I went…twice a week.

First Surgery

Yes, let’s just say this did not go as planned. I was examined by a surgeon and his assistant who thought they had a good idea of what could be going on, so surgery was set for the next week and if all went well I would be able to return to work in a week or so. NOT. It didn’t happen. Things did not get better they got worse. It all started with that little pink dot in August. It was now Dec. and getting anything at all on my foot was almost impossible. What they thought it was should not be causing this much pain.

The first time they removed the bandages after surgery to soak my foot in a healing type bath my niece and my son were with me. One said, O.M.G that looks like a bullet hole from a large rifle and the other commented it looked like a very large animal took a bite out of my foot! It was large. The problem was the pain would not go away and the hole would not get smaller and no surprise to you I am sure, work was out of the question.

Pain and the risk of infection were huge factors. As a hair stylist and working around hair and chemicals all day was not the ideal situation with an open wound nor was wearing flip flops to work. Against the rules of the house. I couldn’t even drive as the movement of my right foot up and down on the pedal was excruciating.

Fast Forward

Another failed surgery a few months later, and then a year later a third surgery was done which was the first time in that year that I was pain free. I was ecstatic. It was temporary but I was happy for the time I had. More than happy actually. I still had a slight opening on my foot but for the most part it was closed. They strongly encouraged me NOT to return to a job that required me to be standing for long periods at a time. The same for sitting for long periods. And no more of my faves like below for many years to come if ever again. I loved dressing up and loved loved loved my shoes! So ironic in so many ways.

Like I said it was a temporary solution that I was grateful for and I can tell you I was certainly never forgotten by any of the Doctors who were seeing me. There were many trips to larger cities for evaluations and testing and they all came up with the same incorrect diagnosis and by this time both feet were involved and now in more than one area. (One foot was the top of my foot and the original wound now had both ankles involved.)

To show you what was happening would require a warning post that what you are about to see may make you nauseous or cringe so I won’t do that at this point. What I can tell you is that the bandages had to be changed every other day, and the only touching was from the saline solution to keep things clean by the nurses in wound care. When your nurses are close to tears because they can see and feel your agony you know beyond a shadow of a doubt it is excruciating.

Wearing any footwear was near impossible and sleeping was a nightmare as anything, yes, even a blanket touching me was too much to bear. It was a battle that would last another 2 years before seeing any relief and finally getting the correct diagnosis.

Imagine a Life Without Pain

Can you imagine, or maybe you have done this as well, burst into tears sobbing over a silly commercial with the cutest kitty or puppy ever!! I mean seriously this was happening. I was afraid to ask for medication to help me with my sadness and feelings of helplessness. Fear and shame go hand in hand with depression. And besides when I wasn’t in remission I was taking all kinds of pills to try and help and very strong medications for pain 9 the kind you have to sign on the dotted line to get) and adding more just wasn’t where I wanted to go.

There were many times where I almost gave up.

I remember very vividly saying to God in one of our many conversations…well more like me pleading and crying and then pulling out the big guns with the…‘if you can’t help me and find a better way then fine! Take me out of here because I can’t do this anymore. I am done!’

Shortly after this one particular night I found myself begging my Dr. to send me to a surgeon. I had no idea why I was asking this but he agreed and an appointment was set up. I have to tell you here that I had seen many many Doctors. and had seen surgeons and specialists but nobody could figure it out.

The Exception

This one surgeon, a nice South African Dr., examined me and then clearly stated that he was sure I had been misdiagnosed. He said he would have to do a live biopsy to be sure and he would have to send it away to the mayo clinic which could take up to 8-12 weeks before we would hear. We booked the biopsy to be done on the following Friday.

Well, what happened was this fast forward thinking General Surgeon was the one who got it right over all the specialists I had seen over those 7 years!!! It was a good news/bad news result that came back.

Good news was we now knew what it was for sure and the bad news, it was/is very rare with only 10,000 known cases worldwide and no cure. There however were some medications that had been tried and had helped others. So we started on one. On my last visit to the home care nurses who were helping me with dressings and just keeping an eye on things for the Dr. were almost in tears as they were finally able to release me. I was making so much progress I didn’t have to come back.

This disease is extremely painful and attacks the feet. It is called Livedoid Vasculopathy. I was told the only way to be 100% sure of the correct diagnosis was with a live biopsy. Livedoid vasculopathy (LV), or livedoid vasculitis, is a hyalinizing vascular disease characterized by thrombosis and ulceration of the lower extremities. I could show you pictures but for some, it is very difficult to look at, so I have chosen not to do that. If you are familiar with this you know it can be hard for anyone to see and if you have anything that sounds similar please feel free to reach out to me. I will be more than happy to offer any help or encouragement you may need. I am easily only an email or a comment away.

As I write this today, I am in remission again and my flare ups are less. And I think now knowing what this is and what I need to be aware of is especially helpful. I believe when we know what we are dealing with it makes all the difference in how we live going forward.

I also know that Stress seems to be a trigger for me but since finding my amazing supplements I am getting closer and closer to dealing with everyday stress and depression that can come along with chronic illness much better.


Did you know that increased stress levels can become toxic, you can’t sleep and your whole system buckles from the strain. In this world we live in today, with so much happening with the COVID pandemic, avoiding stress is nearly impossible. Gaining power over it is not. In fact one of the sanest things you could do to help yourself is to feed your body some whole goodness. Sleep, Gut Health and nootropics for those moodier days. Gotcha covered! Have a look…

and that’s a wrap…

Today is the First Day

27 Jun
  • Why I chose this particular path & why I am sharing my Journey with you…
  • What I am passionate about, what makes me so excited people think I am just being sales y or spam-my, and what my true mission is.

There are two parts to every story is what we are so often told. And it usually rings very true. So, as in other stories mine has two parts as well. It has been a long journey just reaching this point. That point where I am ready to share, and in doing so re-write MY STORY. Redefining my future self and stop the cycle of spinning in circles.

Today is the First Day Of the Rest of My Life

It has been a bitter sweet 17 years struggling to find some sort of ‘normal’. I refused to not be that ‘normal’ and I think that may have played a huge role in me finding a way to move forward, perhaps one more, or one last time. So, why would I share my story with you?

Because we so to often judge a book by it’s cover alone without even flipping one page. We look at what we see on the outside and make a decision based on what, an assumption? I don’t want to ever do that again, nor do I want you to do that.

We need to be kinder and gentler with others for we don’t know their story. We don’t know that perhaps something terrible just happened in their life. Instead we assume. If I didn’t share what was and had happened to me you might just assume I was another one of “those network marketers” trying to sell you something or getting you to join my pyramid scheme thingy!! Of course you would. It is in our nature to assume or have doubts. We have grown up with this…media, internet, parents who didn’t know different and it goes on.

Don’t misunderstand. It is healthy to be skeptical, especially when it comes to the internet and joining things. But being skeptical and assuming are two different things.

You could assume that my world was all rosy and bright and that I could or would never be able to understand or have empathy with anyone else who has gone thru any kind of crisis. Yup, a little normal in today’s world. Or you could just be skeptical about the truth behind the words.

What else is normal is hiding what is really happening. Sometimes it’s because it is too painful for you to share and sometimes it’s because you think you are less than other people because you have an illness or disability. Like you are not worthy of having or being or doing more with your life so you settle.

I don’t think you or I are the only ones who ever felt shame and guilt around having your feet knocked out from under with no warning. ( for me, literally) It is easy to point that finger inward and cry out to God asking what did I do that was so so bad? It’s easy to find yourself depressed and lonely and that is why I am for the first time sharing my story…Hell, I am re-writing my story for whatever time I have left. And, if it helps even one person go beyond what is happening in their life then it is so so worth being this vulnerable.

Part One

And the other half of that is I want everyone to know that you have it inside YOU to change anything you want in your life. Will it be easy? Probably not but if you can rise above what you see and feel and paint a new picture of what your life can be then you can achieve it. Others have…I am…and that means so can you.

I felt it and it was REAL. Seriously real.

No it doesn’t matter what your age is…you can be 20 or 30, 50 or even 60 or 70++. Don’t let anyone and for sure don’t let your mind tell you it cannot be done or you cannot have and be more if that is what you want for your life. I am here to tell you, YOU CAN!! Don’t let any underlying beliefs you might have limit you or hold you back from your ‘MORE’! Big things are coming. Because they are… if you say so. You just have to say so.

No matter what has happened to you in the past, or what pain and challenge you’re going through now, you CAN live a life you absolutely LOVE living. It’s not always easy, but it can be that SIMPLE. All you really need is You really, really wanting it and then keeping it simply simpler.

And that’s a wrap…

Mindset The Choice Is Yours

26 Jun

I can remember feeling that many times in my own life. It started as a young woman. A teen actually, only to be told “who do you think you are” so I shelved my dreams deep into my sub-conscious mind. It kept re-appearing over the years and there were those times that success was over the moon incredible. What an amazing feeling.

With that also came a falling out with the company changing ownership and then unfortunately going out of business. It happens. Where the true grit comes in is how you deal with that and move forward. But the truth is those feelings you had, the success and the bright lights…they don’t ever go away entirely. Almost like someone tugging at your sleeve.

Do You or Have You Felt Like You’re Not Good Enough?

I did and it is hard to admit you were playing a role that you didn’t enjoy playing! That is almost a victim role but if you are like I was, you don’t even know you are doing it. Too often we settle and we buy into what someone else has told us about US! How do they know so much about us anyway? Or it could be as in my case, a double whammy hit with not one but two health issues that literally knocked me off my feet.

I have shared the first part of my story, and for the first time in an earlier post, And the second half is up and coming here very shortly. One of the reasons I am sharing is because we have the power within us to change how we think and feel and consequently how we go about living no matter what the situation.

Easy? Hell NO! But so possible and so real. Keep an open mind and follow your own dream. After all it is yours and yours alone! Not too often do you see someone else with the identical dream.

Entrepreneurship can feel like an impossible dream. You can become an expert in a lot of things, but self doubt isn’t one where you want to to become an expert. Why? Because everybody and anybody can become a successful entrepreneur. If you’ve ever doubted yourself, STOP. You can wait your entire life for some magical moment or transformation…or you can take the necessary steps to change it up now.

It is called Mindset or a Mind Shift and I know you have seen or read about this as it seems to be all over social media. But the truth is it really is that simple. You must first CHOOSE to take the first step and re-program your thoughts. You may not have a passion or a purpose, or you may think you need one to be successful but the truth is anyone can be an entrepreneur. If you sell anything to anyone a product or a service or?? then you have that in your blood. You just need to know it, simplify it and believe it. Believe in you!
And here is another **foot note. If you are doing a side hustle or home business in network marketing and you know you have something very special then for heaven’s sake share it because if you don’t someone else is going to!! Just make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. The value you can offer others is far greater than those feelings of self doubt that may be nagging at you from behind.

Think of yourself as being a part of someone’s solution especially if what you have is something you believe in.

The Best Parts of a Home Business

You can then use your weekend or weekday off if you have one of those too, and after hours to start your little business. Then, as you learn more and find ways to monetize, ( sometimes you have to do whatever it takes when you believe in something) you can then slowly wind back your days. Or you could have a normal career and a side business for diversity.

I believe in what I have because of the results I am seeing for myself as well as what others are seeing. That I am doing whatever it takes. I cleaned out some of my gardens as we had so much rain my plants were getting SO big so, I invented my “She Shed” and have been selling beautiful plants to some local people, over-delivering I hope, and making enough money to keep me active as I build my team.

Now that is honesty and probably I should just be telling you what a rock star I am and that I am making money hand over fist, but that is not the way it ever starts out, nor is it my truth. I believe in being upfront and honest. If I can’t be honest then how can I ask anyone to trust me.

Yes, everything takes time…health to wealth is a journey and a new lifestyle that I am loving.
If you would like to know more then it would be my pleasure to share that with you and if not, that is okay too. We should be able to support each other no matter what direction or where our journey’s take us as individuals.

Always, always remember what is right for you is not always going to be right for someone else. Respect that and your friendships will grow.

Getting & Holding onto the Right Mindset

And of course the problem is not everyone is equipped with the right mindset either and I hear it is not your fault. You were never taught the ‘how’ of that part of life. It can actually take years for many and for others, it can be faster. But I can tell you right now, when YOU are ready it happens and it can be in the blink of an eye. Yes, for real. Oh, you will still have work to do but if you had your first encounter you know what it will feel like everyday of the rest of your life if you are persistent.

Results can and do happen in record time when you focus on the inner game. All these experiences you had left an imprint on you… which over the years stacked, and stacked, and stacked, one on top of the other…and could be why you weren’t able to attract whatever it is you needed or are still desiring to attract into your life.
At your core, you are an incredibly powerful energy being that has no limitations and knows no boundaries. But work at it, yes. That is a must do.

Here is what happened when I was finally ready and the “feelings” I experienced were nothing short of mind boggling. It was one of those BOOM! moments…to be continued in another post.

and that’s a wrap for today

Top 3 Marketing Platforms

26 Jun
marketing platforms

Affiliate, E-commerce or Network Marketing

What Works Best for YOU?

What most people don’t realize when they first start searching for that perfect home biz, perhaps marketing online or selling ‘stuff’ is that it really helps if you love what it is you have chosen. What is your passion, what do you love to do?  Do you love being in the kitchen cooking for everyone?  Do you have a fascination with all things tech-related?  Do you have a specialized product or service that people are looking for? Like weight-loss or lifestyle-related. What ‘extra’ knowledge do you have that could help others?

These are just examples to give you some food for thought.  Not everyone has just one ‘something’ they are really passionate about so figuring this out first is a must.  Don’t even begin to think money, honey!  Not quite yet.  Whaaat?? I am serious. Unless you are 100% confident you have found the most awesome, unique product that will sell off the shelves, money is not going to be high on the list as you get underway.

Let’s have a quick look at what each category is so you can make a better informed decision going forward.

Why and What is Affiliate Marketing?

First up, For any newbies out there, what exactly is affiliate marketing?
Keeping with our plan of ‘Real Simple’, affiliate marketing is earning a commission by promoting other people (or company’s) products usually done in a blog or a website you have created.
Perhaps the best part of Affiliate Marketing is:

  • you don’t have to create your own product.
  • you don’t have to purchase any monthly products
  • there is no cost to join

That’s the beauty of affiliate marketing. You can begin making money as an affiliate as soon as you have a platform (website) and Domain Name (like a street address) to sell/ recommend products from. Sounds pretty easy, right?

Why you might want To Do This:

  1. one of the lowest costs of any online business to get started.
  2. no products to purchase
  3. can be done as a side hustle and worked into a full-time gig
  4. the learning curve is Simple.
  5. Age has no barriers
  6. Awesome income potential

BUT…It’s Not All Good News

There is that learning curve we spoke about, and while it can be simple if you know your way around the Internet and setting up a website it still has some unknowns. And there are some costs that are not spoken of upfront either. Like a domain name and hosting for your website. Yes, You can do some free sites, but you still have to pay for that site to be hosted and that my friend gets costly. Being aware before you make a decision can be critical if you don’t have enough money to keep going. Do your homework.

You made your niche choice, you have a domain name that relates well to your niche and you have set up hosting and made the arrangements to pay for that either yearly or monthly. Your host provider will get you going in the right direction.

You take that initial steps to set up your blog, writing articles, sharing pictures, and finding the programs you want to become affiliated with…BUT you are still an ‘UNKNOWN’. It is not derogatory it is just fact. It takes time to have people find your blog and trust you as well as the affiliate programs to accept you.

Don’t let this be discouraging, because it can be. Everything takes time and patience will be your best friend. Like when you get your first ” We are sorry, but you do not have enough traffic to your site. Please come back and apply another time.” yeah, that will sting but it is also happening to a whole lot of everyone else just like you! We all start at the same place.

While there are no costs to become an Affiliate Marketer other than your domain name and hosting which can run into the hundreds of dollars and advertising costs, you are actually on one of the best platforms I have ever used to do just that. They have some awesome plans that are affordable even to those of you just getting started with little to no capital available.

If you are going to do Affiliate Marketing, you must have your site up and running with content BEFORE applying to be an affiliate for your chosen products or service. This is a must do and even then you could see a few rejections if they feel your site is not ready yet. Sorry, but the whole point of sharing here is to tell you the truth so you might want to take off the blinders.

Drop Shipping or E-Commerce

Now, this is certainly a fun way to have a home business. There is no doubt in my mind. I really enjoyed my test runs but There is a learning curve involved here and depending on your knowledge it can be daunting. One of the most popular platforms you can use is ‘Shopify’. While they are not free, you do get a free trial run to test the waters before making a commitment. And your domain name and hosting will be included and that my friend is a big plus. Actually it is a huge plus in the scheme of things.

My thoughts on this are to have at least a minimum of $100.00 a month you can set aside for your business. This can get you off to a running start and you can always upgrade as your income increases.

There are actually many platforms you can use for Drop Shipping and a lot will depend on you and your chosen products as well as your budget. Ali express is another very well known and easy to use platform if you are just starting out. I actually suggest Ali express or Oberlo if you are brand new to Drop Shipping. They are excellent starters and very helpful, especially Oberlo when you need it.

An example of a test I did was with Oberlo and Shopify. I challenged myself to setting up a T-shirt site in less than 2 weeks to see if what they said could be done, actually could be. And I did it in 11 days! So, yes, they may charge you a fee ( they are connected) each month but it can be so worth it if you have a product idea or you are just plain passionate about doing something like this.

You will also have to take into consideration the advertising costs related to getting your products seen. This goes without saying for both Drop Shipping and Affiliate Marketing. Social Media is still one of your best options and if you have a unique product to offer chances are it won’t take long before you are found.

Don’t I need a loan?

And while having a business plan that shows how much money you could make and what your initial costs might be is important, it is not a prerequisite to getting started. Your costs can be minimal to start. You will need money, that is a must, but you can rest assured you do not need that big bank loan or a detailed and concise business plan to get started. How much you need will depend on your chosen path and your knowledge of E-Commerce and Drop Shipping.

As you progress and see positive results then you should consider upping your game plan to include extra costs like advertising and up-grading your store front. If you are planning to produce your own products then that is a definite game changer and you will need to be sure you have finances to cover your costs.

Network marketing

Network Marketing is still one of the easiest ways to have a home business and be successful. Again, what will stand out for most is cost. Your costs are actually usually less than what it would cost you to set up and run an affiliate site or a storefront for Drop shipping. Normally when you choose Network Marketing it is the product that speaks to you first and foremost. This means you will be using the products you are marketing and sharing that experience with others.

While most companies in Network Marketing charge a fee for their back-office and replicated websites, but it is usually a minimal cost. I prefer those that have a one time cost, to those that have a monthly charge. Imagine a one time cost of under $20.00 to get started or perhaps a free trial to see if this is for you before you commit? How awesome would that be?

In short, you have a website that the company provides for you and you have the products which you have fallen head over heels for. A seriously simple compensation plan and you get paid weekly! WAIT! HOLD UP here for a minute. What did you just say? Paid weekly!! Yes, and there is even more IF you are in the right network marketing company. Would you believe me if I said 50% commissions and over 100 countries? I didn’t think so…

You see, things are changing in this world of Network Marketing or often better known as M.L.M or Relationship Marketing or Attraction Marketing. They are in fact all one and the same. It just has a nicer ring since so many still remember those Amway days when everything was a big secret.

When I talk about network marketing here, I am talking online and NO party plan or monthly quotas you and your team must make in order to get paid. I flat out never wanted to go that route again so when I saw what I saw I chose to re-write my story. The one I told myself about this M.L.M. ‘stuff‘ and where my future was going before I saw what I saw. Truth.

What I saw Changed Everything

When I say that I am very sincere. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would attempt any form of Multi Level marketing again. But when I saw 5, yes just 5 products that were doing what they were doing my thinking changed to maybe. Then of course it went to if they can do this for others, can they do it for me too? is it all a marketing ploy? Hmm…

But then I regress as I am getting ahead of myself and my story that is so so exciting I can’t wait for you to read it. It has taken a long time for me to get the courage up to share even a fraction of what I share. I am doing this for one reason…maybe two…because it is the truth, it happened to me and now it is happening for me and if that is the case it can happen for others. Period!

KISS…Keeping it Simply Simpler

Losing is part of winning and that is also how we learn. We make mistakes…we just hopefully don’t repeat the same mistakes too many times. We learn from them and make the necessary changes to be successful. You can only be a failure if you STOP or QUIT altogether. Starting fresh or starting over or even choosing a new path is all part of that winner’s circle. It is all part of the learning process. It is what I chose to do and I know you can too if you are thinking it is time.

And just in case You are looking for an opportunity that is producing results from customers as well as business partners take 3 minutes and look at this video. You will see something you do not see from most network marketing companies. Then scoot on back here so we can connect if you have any questions. We are currently opening new countries which are very exciting and two off the chart new products in Oct. of this year. ( 2020)

No, this is certainly not for everyone. What appeals to one person may not appeal to another. Our paths may cross even when we choose to go a different way, it is the Internet and I wish you sincerely success in what ever that path is. Just please remember one thing as your search perhaps continues.

If it is really as easy they tell you it will be to become ridiculously successful right from day one, then wouldn’t everyone be doing this and be ridiculously successful too?

And that’s a wrap for today…

Merry C.

M.L.M. a Pyramid Thingy?

26 Jun

Network Marketing

«Making It A Good Day to have a Good Day!»

My Intention or my goal today is to help you find the best ways you can do network marketing strictly online if that is your choice and where you can learn how to be successful and so so much more.  Most new marketers only know what they don’t want to do…and this is how you get caught up in the wrong programs.  Some costing more than you can afford. Some more than you need.

Here is the honest truth.  If you do not have enough money set aside or a CC that can handle 6 months of learning costs on any platform, whether it is Affiliate Marketing, Drop Shipping or anything else that is offered, then you shouldn’t even start.  IT IS NOT EASY!  And It Sure the heck is not happening overnight or in a week!  I get so frustrated with these kinds of false promises.

You may be wondering why I would be so passionate about that?  Well, the truth is, I fell hook line and sinker for this and as hard as it is to admit I LET IT HAPPEN more than once!  I am taking responsibility for what I allowed because it was me that said Yes. 

They may have tricked me into believing it was what I needed in order to be successful, but I am still the one who went for it.  Therefore, I can scream and cry ‘SCAM’ and stamp my feet and cry crocodile tears, but they won’t care and it won’t change a thing. And a scam it really wasn’t at all.

The more people I can share the truth with, the fewer people will have lost time and money and yes, self-confidence.  It is my intention to change that for as many people who are willing to trust me and for those who have been there and understand how difficult it is to keep on keeping on!  🙂

The Best Parts of any Home Business

One of the nicest things about any home business is You can use your weekend or day off or after dinner, evening hours to start building your home business. Then, as you learn and start earning some extra cash, you have all kinds of choices. Some choose to keep their chosen career of choice and have a side business for diversity and fun.

If YOU are one of those people then I applaud you and your efforts.  You can only fail if you quit and that my friends, means you already know this can and does work. And guess what else?  It’s not Network Marketing that is hard. It is easy to do with goals and the right help to get you started.  I have to say that not all those big boyz and girlz made it easy for those that followed. Probably because they were more focused on their climb to the top instead of helping you. And sometimes it was the programs which you could learn, and you loved the products but it was hard to duplicate and make enough money to keep on. For a lot of folks, I think those monthly costs were a huge hindrance or deterrent going forward.

“Time To Change it Up”

The fact of the matter is when you see a company that is changing with the way they offer their business to you in network marketing and they are doing their best to make it easier for anyone to see success then you should get excited. Don’t go in with blinders on. Keep an open mind as you look. Sometimes, well probably most times, if we have those blinders on we can miss opportunities that are right in front of us! So, I suggest you stay open to what might be THE ONE!

Epic leaders paving the way and working in the trenches right alongside you showing you exactly what they are doing daily to be successful…YES, and yes it happens, just not often. So when or if you recognize an opportunity that looks different than what you are used to seeing you may have found what could be the way! You and your family, finally may get to experience what you have been dreaming about for a very long time.

What if I told you I found a company, yes Network Marketing, M.L.M. that pays out a 50% commission on the actual dollar amount your customer spends? Would you think that was a little over the top? It is real and is happening.

No I am not just blowing smoke. I was fortunate enough after having said no so many times! All because I had a bad taste in my mouth from a previous encounter…okay there were a few of them…but this time something felt different. I felt different. One thing that seriously stood out was me asking God and the Universe to send me the ‘right opportunity’ just a few days before. I was getting desperate and felt like I couldn’t trust my own judgment and then we were in the middle of a pandemic that no one was prepared for! I needed someone or something to show me!! And it happened! Oh yes.

If you want to know more about Network Marketing, how to get started and what had me saying YES again, who you can trust for all the help you might need and some exciting new changes to how this is being done by one company, then please, turn the page and read my blog posts or visit my site for more information.

I can promise you if you have an open mind and a need for change in your life and in your health, I have something so special you might not believe what you see. So, get in touch and share a bit of where you are at and we can see if we are a good fit or not and I can share some more details with you as well. My email is only a click away ( my about me page) or leave me a comment below and I will get back to you.

The honest truth is not everyone is cut from the same cloth so-to-speak, and I would rather you love knowing this could, just maybe, be something that will help you as much as it has helped me. It is hard to put into words what three little capsules a day, all-natural and a vegan capsule can do for your mind, body, and spirit too! LOVE!

I hope this helps in some little way! Reach out if you have any questions…and maybe just dip your toes in first by reaching out with a comment or questions as to how or if I can help you.

and that’s a wrap…