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Awesome Side Hustle #1

19 Feb
And those Guys!! OMG

So much has changed in my life… I finally feel something besides grief. I’m finally feeling like my ”old” self again and once again I’m enjoying living my life! I’m not a doctor nor am I claiming any medical professional advice.
I just wanted to share a little part of me that is thankful for the new friends I’ve made… My awesome support team… And of course my wonderful friends and family!!
It’s okay to be skeptical. I was too!! Do your research. Ask me questions. I’m here to help. If I can overcome life’s obstacles and start feeling great again.. so can you!

Who has those kids (or in my case an adult) who refuses to eat Fruits and Vegetables?
Did you know that we make an awesome product that is the most delicious and quickest way to eat them?
Remember when we were kids and used to eat “Pixie Sticks”… I remember how much sugar was in them!! These amazing products have:
🔳 No Sugar
🔳 Zero calories
🔳 4.5 servings of plant-derived vitamins
🔳 Comes in two yummy flavors: Fruity Blast and Rockin Raspberry
And they look just like the Pixie sticks! Who’s ready to give them a try??

It’s simple, it’s doable.

I made a decision to stand by a product that no one else has and it is changing my life! I am better able to focus on positivity daily, losing inches and sleeping again. I chose to believe in my DREAMS rather than my fears and GO one more time! You are never too old to make positive changes! You are never too old to grab your dream and run with it one last time. That my friends is when my life took a huge turn in ways I never thought possible!
I AM GRATEFUL every day!🙏 For my wonderful friend who shared with me and for Bob Proctor and Natalie Ledwell for finally opening my eyes and finally ‘getting it’!

Believing in me again.

That alone is huge having come from being so far down the chute of life. When it is all taken away and you have to re-group, do a re-do and you accept the Challenges your inner strength begins to shine one more time.
My desire to live life on my own terms is a dream I am bringing into reality. Today is the day I stop being shy and start sharing some fantastic new beginnings with you since making this decision that is changing lives, mine included!🥂

I think We just took the Pyramid out of Network Marketing!! I mean seriously who says this as the founder of the company you reperesent?
“Corporate doesn’t sell the product…the field does so that’s where the $$ should go!!”

If you have tried Network Marketing before, perhaps even left with a bad taste in your mouth as you watched your sponsor and above leave you in the dust, you are not alone! You see that happened to me and it does leave a nasty after-taste but here’s where it changes! The leadership has to be real. The caring has to be real. The products have to be real. And the payment structure and learning curve so simple anyone, and I mean anyone can follow it easily.

We are in this pandemic and it doesn’t look like the end is in sight for a bit. So if you were lucky enough to have some extra savings to live on, or if you are a Baby Boomer who didn’t have any savings and are living on a fixed income I have some pretty awesome news for you. This is easy, it works because the products work, and the leaders care about you.

If I can help even just a few people find comfort in having an extra $500 a month or more if that is your goal then I will be very happy. I started this journey because I trusted a friend I met online a few years ago. We always stayed in touch even tho’ we have never met. We live in two different countries but how cool is that. Online Marketing is phenominal for meeting and helping people in any country.

My Dream and My Why

It is simple actually. I want to live life on my own terms for whatever time I have left here on this earth. Just because I got sick and cannot go to work at a ‘j-o-b’ or do my chosen profession any longer does not mean I don’t get to have choices! I do and you do too. We all have choices.
A Bag Lady with a Cell Phone just won’t cut it! I have a choice and I made it! I can honestly say that since starting on my new regime a few months ago I am feeling more like my old self, the one before my health crisis, more and more every day. I have focus and energy and my mood is lifted like 90% from crying over dog and cat commercials and feeling a tad sorry for myself…yeah, hard to admit that puddle of tears, but it happens.

However, I can say without a word of doubt that this company I have chosen to be a part of IS THE FUTURE! This was the plan from day 1…that everyone is treated with the same respect and is appreciated. Not the Rank they achieve or Money!! We are different and that makes us exceptional.
Being as actions speak louder than words I am inviting you, when you have a minute, to click right here and see if you see the same ‘awesomeness’ I see. And if you do, then get right back to me and we will get you pointed in the right direction.
No, it isn’t for everyone but it is for anyone who is looking for a way to:

  1. Be More, do more, have more.
  2. Live life above that poverty line we find ourselves in too often. ( more bills than money in)
  3. Retirement is just not what they said it would be…we just wanna have fun!
  4. There is no Age Limit When you Choose to Make Life Better. You are never to old!

Network Marketing is no longer the “hustle” it used to be

All You have to do is DECIDE!

It is more like your ‘side’ hustle that is paying for groceries or a car payment. A side ‘gig’ on your terms. Big or Small it is always your call and you should always be appreciated equally in value.
And for all those out there who are in a category of being “older” here is a quote by CS Lewis: ” You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”
So don’t ever count yourself out. If you need more than you have now then change it. I did and so can you. And something you know better than most is this factoid:

Reach out! I am only a comment or question away…