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Are there Common Denominators?

16 Jan

MLM or Drop Shipping

I recently heard someone say that MLM and Drop Shipping were in the same category. While there are indeed some similarities they are actually different. I am going to do a short comparison for fun.
While I love MLM and the fact that it is truly one of the easiest ways to start a business from home with the least amount of upfront dollars, it is not that easy to maintain those steady high incomes unless you are a rock star with 100 customers! So, what I am saying is do not enter into MLM lightly. Expect to WORK at it every day. If you can do that, you can succeed.

Drop Shipping is Hugeness on overload since the pandemic with COVID19! So many businesses that were strictly brick and mortar are now finding that to survive they have to go online. This makes your job equally as difficult as starting out in MLM. You will have to WORK at it and make sure your ‘online store’ is attractive, easy to navigate and trustworthy. For many people who do not understand the process, this could be harder than doing a live video presentation of your MLM products.

Before we move on and do the actual comparisons another thing to consider, which applies to both MLM and Drop Shipping, in my opinion, is you have to love your products or your chosen niche! If you don’t absolutely love, love love what you do and what your products can do for others you may not survive the initial work-really-hard part.

I am talking about people who are just like you and me, not those seasoned marketers who know how to set up funnels, lead pages and up-sells ( oh how I hate upsells!) and can sell anything because they know how. NO! I am talking to you. The person who actually gives a damn.

And yes, I have tested some of these sites and boy was I disappointed in the products I got. Total junk but they knew what they were doing and they were selling boat loads of the stuff without a care about their customers or re-orders. They had no intention of sticking around long enough to get any re-orders! Well, not for that product anyway. Have you ever ordered one of those two for one kinda deals especially around Xmas time? Yup!

Let’s Get to that Comparison StuffI am going to bullet list the comparisons for each one to make it easier and a quicker read.


MLM Today
  • low cost to get started
  • no inventory to purchase or stock
  • website and back office at minimal cost
  • company ships direct to your customer
  • support offered to all customers and members
  • one time or ongoing orders…optional in a lot of cases
  • to get paid you will need to meet monthly quotas/personal orders
  • products directly related to the niche… weight loss, beauty etc.
  • you can market on social media sites as well as friends and family


  • low costs to get started
  • no inventory to purchase or stock unless using Amazon
  • company ships direct to your customer
  • support is offered depending on the platform you choose to use
  • monthly costs will vary depending on your chosen platforms $0 to $100 is common.
  • orders can be one time or optional
  • less product and suppliers when you have chosen one niche.
  • perfect for the NFF Club. ( no family no friends left)
  • your marketing will be targeted to your niche


As you can see above, they are indeed similar. The exceptions come at the end of each model and the monthly costs. I think it really comes down to you and how comfortable you are with sharing/selling your wares and what you can comfortably afford to spend as you build your business. A few good questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you comfortable with approaching your friends and family?
  • Are you good with cold calling strangers or messaging strangers about your products? They say if you are 100% IN and you love love love what your products have done for you and your customers then it should be no problem getting yourself in front of hundreds of thousands of people on social media.
  • are you cool with not taking rejection personally?
  • are you cool with building a team? Recruiting others to join you…
  • is this model affordable for a few months ( give yourself 3-6 months as you build?

If you are not, that is okay too. We are just doing the comparison model here. But if the above is really not you and you know it…like you just cannot for any amount of would be profits get in front of your phone and record a live video or do a home party, then perhaps the Drop Shipping Model is the better choice for you. So much comes down to personality and where you are most comfortable.

Here is what you can expect from Drop Shipping:

  • U will work solely on your own
  • you can join some of the Drop Shipping groups on FB for feedback as you begin
  • build out your store ( website ) at your own pace ( or have it done for you at a cost)
  • choose a niche you love to share and chat about ( a blog on your site is helpful )
  • marketing on Social Media platforms using target markets ( Facebook is great for this)
  • no monthly or weekly meetings or home parties to attend.
  • you will have to tend to your store daily…keeping an eye out for sales and products no longer available or sold out. In short, stay on top of things and make sure it is all running smoothly. A couple of hours daily should be good.
  • can I manage the monthly costs without any sales as I begin my marketing efforts with advertising & platform costs such as Shopify & Sprocket? ( at least 3-6 months )

I found that giving myself a time-line to make those sales really helps. You have a target to reach and if you are not reaching it then you have some decisions to make and some hard questions to ask yourself.

  1. Did I really give it my best shot?
  2. Did I do everything I could to make it successful?
  3. What could or should I have done differently?

These kind of questions apply to whatever your choice is. MLM, or Drop Shipping.

Is There More?

Yes, but for today I didn’t do a comparison for Direct Sales here as it is a bit different. Usually and without any pandemics in the picture, Direct Sales involves buying a kit when you sign up and a home party plan is used as the platform for sales rather than individual/one-on-one sales. This is a great way to have a home business as well, just can be a bit more costly with that kit purchase, but you may have more leeway when it comes to monthly quotas and sales. This can prove to be very helpful if you are doing your home business as a hobby or part-time.

Again, it comes down to you and your personal preferances. I hope this gave you some insight or at least a few questions to ask yourself before you begin any new adventures. Listen to your ‘gut’ and those first initial reactions when seeing a potential home business idea for the first time. Follow that lead and you will probably be right in your choice.

Please be sure to leave us a comment or a question below. We love reading your comments and a reply is always promised. Perhaps you have tried one or the other or maybe life got in the way and now you are not sure which way to come back. Did you try MLM and your sponsor ditched you? Do you find it hard to work completely on your own? Let us know. Isn’t MLM one of those Pyramid thingy’s?

And that’s what we call A WRAP for today! I Hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I did making it.

Not For Small Mindsets

3 Nov

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would want to have a home business based on Supplements. Until I saw what I saw for extended Health and better improvement of our health right now!! Let’s face it, we all get older and it appears we are also living longer so if that’s the case wouldn’t it be fun to live it at your best ever!! For me, it was a resounding YES! A big HELL YES in fact.

You see with having a disease they cannot find a cure for that goes in and out of remission and having to suffer thru excruciating pain for months at a time my antenna went up as soon as I saw this information. It is important to have the right combination of ingredients working together.

Over the Counter Big Box Store or Smaller

You might think because you take numerous supplements from a health food store or a quality brand name that is enough but I am going to suggest that may not be so. How much do all those cost you? I know that I have taken several and the costs are high! One that I have used, that is in this combo of ingredients is a bit over $40 and it doesn’t do 1/2 of what this combo does with the same product in it.

The other part of the equation that has me so excited is I have friends and acquaintances that have suffered for years with health issues they have no cure for. Yes, bandaids but nothing that truly goes deep enough actually make the ‘fix.’ I know this because I am in it and taking strong meds for pain when a flare up occurs is not the answer.

Now I have something I can share with them and others that maybe will be the answer to helping them find more quality in living their lives. I hope so with all my heart. I don’t want anyone to suffer if they don’t have to.

What am I looking forward to the most? A change in my own health and then of course the rest is like whipping cream on top of your chocolate sundae! Because there is so much more…energy, sleep, weight, mood, and living longer with purpose and the means to do so for so many is yet another layer of icing on the cake.

My new journey begins in a few short weeks as I wait for my product to arrive. Excited beyond excited to be sharing what it does or doesn’t do with you and anyone else who visits me on my blog. So if you are curious be sure to mark your calendar for the end of the month, Nov.2020 for a new and hopefully exciting post. If you know beyond doubt after seeing the video information please reach out to me and we will get you going in the right direction. It is truly something that could help someone you know or maybe even yourself.

And just so you know, I am all about the truth and what really happens. I can’t get excited and have you try something unless I can with all honesty share what it is doing for me. Just taking those 3 magic little capsules a day has made huge changes for me. You can see some of the amazing stories in my blog posts from others. I suck at taking selfies and doing the whole photoshoot thing so I hope you can read between the lines and feel my honest truths about what I believe so far are the best supplements I have ever taken. I think that is why so many have dubbed them as magic pills.

No It is Not for Everyone

No it really isn’t for everyone. Heck I was saying Nope, no way, nadda and all the rest but something happened to change my mind. What I seriously love about this business that I found is you DO NOT need to be a distributor to get the products. You DO NOT have to have an auto-ship in place every month unless you want that kind of convenience.

It is still a ground floor opportunity and we are now opening in Mexico and the Philippines as well as a few other countries. Canada, Australia and New Zealand are just a few. Living in the times we are in, with a world wide pandemic in place, having your own little home business is where you will want to be. Side hustle or more. It is always up to you and once again, that is what I love about this company.

When they make the steps as simple as 1. 2. 3. anyone can do this if they choose. Totally up to you. If you are however looking for even an extra $500 a month it is more than doable. Oh, and you don’t lose your place or have to do any of those ‘start over thingy’s’ others have each month if you don’t reach a certain limit. Yup! Been there, done that and not ever going back!!

A company who puts YOU first!!

A company who is growing so fast and all because it has changed the model of Network Marketing and MLM! How you think and view things has the potential to change so much.

When presented with a better, easier way will you stay where you are or will you change your mindset? You can’t fake it when you are passionate about what you are doing. It just won’t work…people will know!

When the Co-Founder and Founder of the company know without a doubt that those people, you perhaps, in the field sharing products are the ones responsible for making the company millions of dollars and proves it by putting it back in your pocket with the highest commissions in the industry and the simplest and strongest compensation plan in the industry today, should you want to build a team, you know you have found a company like no other.

Turning into Chatty Cathy today as this is/was not planned. OOPS. But listen, I am being 100% with you and if you are interested in starting a business or you have friends in other places please reach out to me in the comment section or send me a direct email. Just click right here and I will reply asap. If you would like the time to check it out on your own then here is my personal site where you can browse around and see how it feels. I think it is important to check stuff out…especially when online and or you don’t know the person yet.

“Thanks for being here today and do please leave a comment below! We would love to hear from you. Have an awesome kinda day…..