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Are You Making Big Mistakes

25 Aug

It is Not Rocket Science

After a few years of frustration and feeling pretty bloody stupid, I came to realize that it doesn’t matter if I am working in my stilettos or my cuddle-me-close house pants!   What matters is You and Me telling it like it really is!  Not what someone else wants us to be or believe to be true because they said so!!

I am hoping to break down the simplicity of doing a home business because as it sits right now too many of us overthink the thunk and end up doing nothing more than being more confused.  Yes, they do want you to believe that it takes a ‘secret’ formula or that you have to pay more than your base pay allows you to learn the ‘right way’ to do it.

I am going to break that myth into small pieces because what you don’t need to be successful online are:

  1. Expensive Guru training
  2. Fancy Websites
  3. A product of your own to sell

What Can You Help People Do?

I think we miss this too often or we get started in the right direction to help, our intentions are good, BUT unfortunately, this can change and quickly if you are following the advice of some of the not so ‘savory’ boys and girls we see online.  I really cannot stress this enough…always keep your third eye open and listen carefully to your instincts. 90% of the time you and your instincts are right!

Now, should you encounter any of these not so savory characters, gracefully get yourself on out of there and do not return!!  It is all part of your online learning experience and I for one wish it was anything but that!  One thing about learning the hard way is you are now more aware and your cautionary red flags will rise much quicker than before.  Pay attention.  It is your journey and yours to be accountable for.

Truth is A Good Thing

I struggled with this, the truth, a lot. I saw so many wonderful stories of rags to riches and other stories that were all dressed up with nothing but fluff and cotton candy to draw you in.  In actual fact not all of that is necessary. But we still see it. Please don’t get me wrong because there are some of the most credible people, amazing leaders who did indeed come from nothing. But they tell their ‘story’ just a bit different and a whole lot more humbly.

We think we don’t know what we know and that is what gets us in trouble in the first place.  Read that again. Now, stop second-guessing yourself and just do it. Listen to your ‘gut’. ( speaking of which, did you know that ‘gut health’ is paramount to losing or shedding a few of those ‘extras’ that show up on the scale? And Yogurt, I do love my yogurt…can be bigger than you know when it comes to that silly scale.) more later

Procrastination can also be huge in anything we do and when it comes to starting your own home business, it is just that for a whole lot of us. At least for me, it was. I also thought I needed to be learning and learning and learning more before moving forward or actually doing it. I thought I had to learn to do it right…you know, more like make it perfect before it could possibly work. What I didn’t know was none of that is necessary to be successful.

Yes, you do need some knowledge but not like I was telling myself, signing up for courses to teach me things I thought I needed before I could even start! The thing about this kind of thinking is it fits right into that procrastination mode so nicely. I had a perfect excuse to not do, what was in my heart. Why? I was afraid. Some Self Sabotage I am sure but mostly I was afraid of what ‘people’ would say or think. I needed to get out of MY OWN WAY and GET OVER MYSELF!

I seriously needed a kick in the ‘booty’! I needed to believe in myself and get over the past mistakes or past experiences that just didn’t pan out. I learned and I grew from my choices so it was time to dust it off, shake it off and get on with making everything possible. Has this ever happened to you?

A Short Story

I heard this little story recently. We will call it The Ant and The Elephant

The Ant is walking to the East while the Elephant is walking to the West. The Elephant is a lazy dude and just strolling along at a snails pace while the Ant is feverishly hustling along and determined to get where he is going as quickly as he can.

But no matter how hard or fast the little Ant walks he is not getting closer to the East and he just can’t understand why. The Elephant meanwhile is getting closer to his destination in the West. The little Ant is so perplexed.

Your conscious mind is the Ant and your Sub-conscious mind is the Elephant. If they are not aligned, no matter what you say or do it won’t ever happen the way you want it to you. You will never ever reach your target.

The Real Story Behind the Story…the Ant is on the Elephant‘s back! (A Simple analogy of what happens in our minds. )

What is your GOAL? What is your #1 DREAM?

Do you have a plan? Do you have a dream of more? If you do, you are further ahead than a lot of people. Too often we are afraid of the unknown or we just plain don’t know what we want. We’ve been so busy doing what everyone else has told us we want we forgot about the most important person in the equation. YOU! ME!

We are all vulnerable to what others have taught us, right or wrong, we still do it. You may decide to become something, anything just to prove you are good enough. Problem is you are proving this to the wrong people/person. The only person that you need to prove anything to is yourself! Not so easy when you have been taught a different story.

Well, today is the day you can change anything you want. The mind is greater than we can imagine and nope, I didn’t believe it entirely either…that is until recently when all my ‘trying’ started to fall into play.

What I do know is, If you have an idea and it doesn’t go away it usually means you should act on it. At least do some digging and find out more and then make a decision. Having more than one source of income is the ‘norm’ today and actually in most cases is much needed. My favs when you are just starting out are:

  • Network Marketing…still one of the easiest and least costly
  • Affiliate Marketing...again easy to set up, no products but there will be costs that you won’t see coming.
  • DropShipping or E-commerce is very popular and many avenues to pursue. My second personal fav. Make sure you can spare a few hundred to get rolling.

Each of the above is relatively low cost to get started and there is a lot of help available as you learn your way. If you love people and love to help others chances are network marketing is going to be for you. It is more hands on, yes even if done only online you will play a role in others success stories.

Make sure you can enjoy and have fun with whatever you do and treat your Business as a Business! Seriously. Too many don’t. Try thinking of it like you are going to your job-job and set boundaries and work hours. Be consistent. Everything counts, big and small.

*****Note Network Marketing is also known as relationship marketing, Direct Sales, attraction marketing, and a whole bunch more. They are all the same and they are 100% legitimate. If you question whether it is one of those “pyramid thingys” then darlin’ you are probably in the wrong place. Sorry. And just to clarify a bit further, the Pyramid is one of the strongest and longest-standing structures in the world! Says a lot doesn’t it?

And just in case you need a bit more ‘truth’ here is an awesome book to read that you may just see yourself in. I know I did! The author is Jordan Adler and his book is “Beach Money” and yes, you can get it in your Kindle or Kindle reader for like $9.99. The best $9.99 you will spend…that is a promise!

If you have something in mind but still are not sure which you are better suited for, please leave me a comment and I will be very happy to help. The key ingredient to anyone’s success is…Never Stop Trying!

Wishing you an Awesome Day and keep moving towards your Goals!

and that’s a wrap…

Merry C.

P.S. remember to leave a comment if you enjoyed my post today. We love it that happens.

Do You Have a Dream?

2 Jul

Persistence, tenacity, grit—whatever you want to call it, if you are reading this post today, you probably have some of that! When you have a dream, and it has your name attached to it that is a sure sign you know you can feel there is more to this life you are living and you want some of it.

I can remember feeling that many times in my own life, only to be told “who do you think you are” so I shelved the idea deep into my sub-conscious mind. There is so much more, and I am sure like so many others, even perhaps you, trauma, injury, abusive situations but that will be another story time. Survivors.

That feeling of “more”, it kept re-appearing over the years and there were those times that success happened and was over the moon incredible. With success can also come a falling out. In my one case it was with one company changing ownership and then unfortunately going out of business. It happens. Where the true grit comes in is how you deal with that and move forward.

Not everyone deals with this the same way. You just keep on keeping on at your own pace searching for what feels right for you.

And of course the problem is not everyone is equipped with the right mindset…not your fault. You were never taught the ‘how’ of that part of life. It can actually take years for many and for others, it can be faster. But I can tell you right now, when YOU are ready it can happen and it can be in the blink of an eye. Yes, for real. Oh, you will still have work to do but if you have had even an inkling of your first encounter and what it will feel like everyday of the rest of your life. If you are persistent, that one encounter can keep you searching for more so don’t lose sight of it.

Results can and do happen in record time when you focus on the inner game. All these experiences you had left an imprint on you… which over the years stacked up…and could be the reason why you weren’t able to attract whatever it is you needed or are desiring to attract into your life.

Within your core, you have a powerful energy that has no limitations and knows no boundaries. But it does require you to work at it, yes. That is a must-do. Here is what happened when I was finally ready and the “feelings” I experienced were nothing short of mind-boggling. It was one of those…BOOM!! moments.

Two Words Is All You Need…”I CHOOSE”

It was while I was reading a book written by Natalie Led well one of the creators of Mind Movies that it happened. It was late, and I had been trying to ‘get into’ it and finish it up. It was like magic. I have no other words to describe what happened in the next 30 min. or days right after but it happened. The book was very compelling as it told a story that could have been any one of us.
But, and it was a pretty big but here, I knew if I was going to get anything from reading this or listening to the other L.O.A. coaches I had to do something first. So I made a decision. I said only three words. I CHOOSE HAPPINESS. That was it. And then as I was drifting off to sleep I remember thinking What If

What if this terrible disease I had been given was no longer present in my body. What if I could reverse everything that had happened in the last 7 years and the 8 before that leading up to all this? WHAT IF! And what happened in the next few minutes has stayed with me and it was so bloody magical I still get all tangled up in a knot!

I started to imagine what it would be like and it felt so real. I could see it and I could feel it. Yes, I actually imagined and felt what it was going to be like. I mean really felt it. So, when you are hearing about the Laws of Attraction and manifesting in your life please know that it is real. Can I say I am in complete and total remission from all…not yet but there are others that can and have.

One is a short story about a man who was badly injured and they said his foot must be amputated. It was so badly damaged it would never function properly nor would he ever be able to walk or stand on it like normal again. It did not happen overnight…things like that seldom do, but it did happen. To this day you cannot tell he was so badly injured and mangled that the Dr. thought his only recourse was amputation. But he was determined.

What did he do? He started visualizing in his mind every day that his foot was healed and back to normal where he could walk and stand and use it just like anyone else with two feet. I believe he visualized it by looking at his good foot first and then seeing the other as that foot. Fully functional. Remarkable? Yes, and there are more stories just like this. Thank you Mary Morrissey for sharing so many wonderful stories of recovery, including your own.

From This Point Things Started to Shift

Now, I have to back up just a wee bit for the rest to make sense. You see, I had been searching for something better in my life for awhile. The L.O.A( Law of Attraction) was not new to me but the way I started to hear it certainly was. For the longest time, every time I had tried to do this ‘stuff’…I will call it ‘stuff’ for at that point it was just stuff and I was not happy with my results or lack of any I guess. I actually started to believe it was ME. I wasn’t good enough and that is why it wouldn’t work.

Little did I know it was not my fault nor even the ‘teacher’! There was just a whole lot that was missing from what they were teaching and a lot of coercing from too many with phone calls for your money. That did not sit well with me. So I set it aside for years thinking it was all probably just a money grabber. I was so wrong about so much.

It took listening to one man, the man I actually thought was just like all the rest but as it turned out, wasn’t, and me really hearing what he said. I was in tears of both joy and a bit of overwhelm because of what I thought was true for so many years, wasn’t true at all. It was like getting hit over the head with something very heavy! THUD!

Bob Proctor is the man of the hour and it was this man that finally started the ball rolling for me. Now I couldn’t possibly afford his seminars or coaching classes being offered so I started following and listening to everything he had that was available free. I was determined and I knew going about it this way was the long hard way, but I had to try. I didn’t have the funds for one of those big seminars…yes even the ones that are virtual can be costly. I get that, and I made a decision to do the best I could at this time. Something was telling me ‘the best is yet to come’

I wanted a home business that I could do just from home and online if I chose. But I didn’t trust my own judgment anymore. I felt like such a loser for trying so many things but nothing seemed to pan out the way it was supposed to, or I lost my ‘mojo’ along the way. I felt like a huge failure and soon started to NOT trust my own judgment to make the right choices. But even with all that, I just couldn’t NOT try. I had to keep on keeping on…

I wrote on a piece of paper that I was grateful that the perfect home business that was coming my way…then I tucked it away. I practiced with a few affirmations and goals, AND THEN IT HAPPENED! A friend I trusted reached out to me with an opportunity she was looking at and asked if I would like to see it. I hesitantly said OK and went to have a look.


Taking Action

I had totally said in my mind and I was very adamant, I might add, that I was not going to ever EVER try any form of network marketing…attraction marketing, relationship marketing, direct sales or network marketing…they are actually all the same in case you didn’t know, ever again. Not because I didn’t think it was a good avenue for a home business, because it actually is one of the top, for the least amount of dollar outlay. No, it was because I truly believed I sucked at it and it would have to be something I loved and knew was working for me first as well as others.

I had been approached by so many, probably you have too, and I tried so many but when the products you are selling don’t work for you how can you possibly be excited and feel good about sharing with others? When it came to me, I couldn’t. So nope, no more to M.L.M. And especially no to supplements. “I had a bit of an attitude.”

So, can you just imagine my face when I saw what my friend was sharing with me? You really probably can’t and may I say the biggest surprise was on me!!

I trusted her, I trusted everything I had been learning from Nat and Bob…but the biggest surprise came when I said yes. Everything about what she was showing me felt right. There was no question in my mind and no strong pull to run in the other direction. It was the total opposite to what I would have expected to do. Taking action was the next step and that was easy after seeing what is below.

With so many people sharing pictures of their journey so far and telling their personal stories it was/is incredible. And you know what they say. A picture is worth a thousand words and pictures don’t lie! Here’s your sneak peek of a couple I would like to share that touched my heart in a very big way. The first set is a 3 month or 90-day time frame.

So Much More to this Sneak Peek!

Yes, it catches your attention almost immediately but there is so much more than just the weight loss! It is the ‘icing on the cake’ so-to-speak as these natural supplements ( just 3 a day) do so much more. How many times have you looked in the mirror and hated what you saw looking back at you? How many times have you wanted to change that image but just got lost in the shuffle of having to change so much just to even get started?

I knew that one.

When I read what others were saying in the private group that was created for sharing it was blowing me away. Some of the stories touched my heart. It is about so much more…and there are many more so I will share a few more along with my own in another post. If you are curious or would like to see more drop me a note in the comments or send an email and I will be sure to get you an invitation so you can see more. ( and don’t worry, you can’t be anything but be a ‘looky-loo‘ in the group) We have some cool rules in place for you. 1. You can’t buy anything 2. You can’t sign up either!

What I truly love so much is the reality and the time frame. No one is making those huge overnight success claims-to-fame and when you see so many with similar results for weight and sleep, mood, energy, and focus you know there is something very special going on.

Now, as I finish up today, I would like to share something a friend said to me. She was interested in the products for herself and she was worried that she had to sign up as she was not into the business aspect and wondered if this was even possible. When I explained that she was in complete control and there was no REQUIRED auto-ship as so many have, and no you don’t have to sign up in order to use the products she was impressed. Her own words…” sure doesn’t sound like an M.L.M. or network marketing company!”

And there is a good reason for that! It is because it is NOT LIKE ANY OTHER M.L.M. OR NETWORK MARKETING COMPANY OUT THERE.

You have to see it with your own eyes to believe it. I have seen a lot of others, tried some, failed miserably at some, and this is the truth! I have not seen another with this kind of simple pay plan and structure for building a team and earning some extra income. And the products are so simple and so affordable for what you get.

And with that said, I wouldn’t be doing a very good job if I didn’t suggest you go ahead and have a look with your own pretty little eyes. So, just click right here, or as I mentioned earlier, send me an email or leave a comment below. I would love to offer you an invitation to our private group so you can see more of the same results. Either way, you are 100% safe from any obligation. The choice is always yours.

My goal is to reach out and help you to see that there is more and it can be done. It isn’t every day something this epic shows up in your life. Not into a side hustle? No problem there. The choice is yours. Do you make the changes or do you make the excuses?

Honesty and trust are my priority as I share this with you. Reach out in the comments below or just go ahead and send me an email I love getting real mail, I mean who doesn’t. We can get acquainted and then go from there.

And that’s a wrap for today…

M.L.M. a Pyramid Thingy?

26 Jun

Network Marketing

«Making It A Good Day to have a Good Day!»

My Intention or my goal today is to help you find the best ways you can do network marketing strictly online if that is your choice and where you can learn how to be successful and so so much more.  Most new marketers only know what they don’t want to do…and this is how you get caught up in the wrong programs.  Some costing more than you can afford. Some more than you need.

Here is the honest truth.  If you do not have enough money set aside or a CC that can handle 6 months of learning costs on any platform, whether it is Affiliate Marketing, Drop Shipping or anything else that is offered, then you shouldn’t even start.  IT IS NOT EASY!  And It Sure the heck is not happening overnight or in a week!  I get so frustrated with these kinds of false promises.

You may be wondering why I would be so passionate about that?  Well, the truth is, I fell hook line and sinker for this and as hard as it is to admit I LET IT HAPPEN more than once!  I am taking responsibility for what I allowed because it was me that said Yes. 

They may have tricked me into believing it was what I needed in order to be successful, but I am still the one who went for it.  Therefore, I can scream and cry ‘SCAM’ and stamp my feet and cry crocodile tears, but they won’t care and it won’t change a thing. And a scam it really wasn’t at all.

The more people I can share the truth with, the fewer people will have lost time and money and yes, self-confidence.  It is my intention to change that for as many people who are willing to trust me and for those who have been there and understand how difficult it is to keep on keeping on!  🙂

The Best Parts of any Home Business

One of the nicest things about any home business is You can use your weekend or day off or after dinner, evening hours to start building your home business. Then, as you learn and start earning some extra cash, you have all kinds of choices. Some choose to keep their chosen career of choice and have a side business for diversity and fun.

If YOU are one of those people then I applaud you and your efforts.  You can only fail if you quit and that my friends, means you already know this can and does work. And guess what else?  It’s not Network Marketing that is hard. It is easy to do with goals and the right help to get you started.  I have to say that not all those big boyz and girlz made it easy for those that followed. Probably because they were more focused on their climb to the top instead of helping you. And sometimes it was the programs which you could learn, and you loved the products but it was hard to duplicate and make enough money to keep on. For a lot of folks, I think those monthly costs were a huge hindrance or deterrent going forward.

“Time To Change it Up”

The fact of the matter is when you see a company that is changing with the way they offer their business to you in network marketing and they are doing their best to make it easier for anyone to see success then you should get excited. Don’t go in with blinders on. Keep an open mind as you look. Sometimes, well probably most times, if we have those blinders on we can miss opportunities that are right in front of us! So, I suggest you stay open to what might be THE ONE!

Epic leaders paving the way and working in the trenches right alongside you showing you exactly what they are doing daily to be successful…YES, and yes it happens, just not often. So when or if you recognize an opportunity that looks different than what you are used to seeing you may have found what could be the way! You and your family, finally may get to experience what you have been dreaming about for a very long time.

What if I told you I found a company, yes Network Marketing, M.L.M. that pays out a 50% commission on the actual dollar amount your customer spends? Would you think that was a little over the top? It is real and is happening.

No I am not just blowing smoke. I was fortunate enough after having said no so many times! All because I had a bad taste in my mouth from a previous encounter…okay there were a few of them…but this time something felt different. I felt different. One thing that seriously stood out was me asking God and the Universe to send me the ‘right opportunity’ just a few days before. I was getting desperate and felt like I couldn’t trust my own judgment and then we were in the middle of a pandemic that no one was prepared for! I needed someone or something to show me!! And it happened! Oh yes.

If you want to know more about Network Marketing, how to get started and what had me saying YES again, who you can trust for all the help you might need and some exciting new changes to how this is being done by one company, then please, turn the page and read my blog posts or visit my site for more information.

I can promise you if you have an open mind and a need for change in your life and in your health, I have something so special you might not believe what you see. So, get in touch and share a bit of where you are at and we can see if we are a good fit or not and I can share some more details with you as well. My email is only a click away ( my about me page) or leave me a comment below and I will get back to you.

The honest truth is not everyone is cut from the same cloth so-to-speak, and I would rather you love knowing this could, just maybe, be something that will help you as much as it has helped me. It is hard to put into words what three little capsules a day, all-natural and a vegan capsule can do for your mind, body, and spirit too! LOVE!

I hope this helps in some little way! Reach out if you have any questions…and maybe just dip your toes in first by reaching out with a comment or questions as to how or if I can help you.

and that’s a wrap…