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Are You Making Big Mistakes

25 Aug

It is Not Rocket Science

After a few years of frustration and feeling pretty bloody stupid, I came to realize that it doesn’t matter if I am working in my stilettos or my cuddle-me-close house pants!   What matters is You and Me telling it like it really is!  Not what someone else wants us to be or believe to be true because they said so!!

I am hoping to break down the simplicity of doing a home business because as it sits right now too many of us overthink the thunk and end up doing nothing more than being more confused.  Yes, they do want you to believe that it takes a ‘secret’ formula or that you have to pay more than your base pay allows you to learn the ‘right way’ to do it.

I am going to break that myth into small pieces because what you don’t need to be successful online are:

  1. Expensive Guru training
  2. Fancy Websites
  3. A product of your own to sell

What Can You Help People Do?

I think we miss this too often or we get started in the right direction to help, our intentions are good, BUT unfortunately, this can change and quickly if you are following the advice of some of the not so ‘savory’ boys and girls we see online.  I really cannot stress this enough…always keep your third eye open and listen carefully to your instincts. 90% of the time you and your instincts are right!

Now, should you encounter any of these not so savory characters, gracefully get yourself on out of there and do not return!!  It is all part of your online learning experience and I for one wish it was anything but that!  One thing about learning the hard way is you are now more aware and your cautionary red flags will rise much quicker than before.  Pay attention.  It is your journey and yours to be accountable for.

Truth is A Good Thing

I struggled with this, the truth, a lot. I saw so many wonderful stories of rags to riches and other stories that were all dressed up with nothing but fluff and cotton candy to draw you in.  In actual fact not all of that is necessary. But we still see it. Please don’t get me wrong because there are some of the most credible people, amazing leaders who did indeed come from nothing. But they tell their ‘story’ just a bit different and a whole lot more humbly.

We think we don’t know what we know and that is what gets us in trouble in the first place.  Read that again. Now, stop second-guessing yourself and just do it. Listen to your ‘gut’. ( speaking of which, did you know that ‘gut health’ is paramount to losing or shedding a few of those ‘extras’ that show up on the scale? And Yogurt, I do love my yogurt…can be bigger than you know when it comes to that silly scale.) more later

Procrastination can also be huge in anything we do and when it comes to starting your own home business, it is just that for a whole lot of us. At least for me, it was. I also thought I needed to be learning and learning and learning more before moving forward or actually doing it. I thought I had to learn to do it right…you know, more like make it perfect before it could possibly work. What I didn’t know was none of that is necessary to be successful.

Yes, you do need some knowledge but not like I was telling myself, signing up for courses to teach me things I thought I needed before I could even start! The thing about this kind of thinking is it fits right into that procrastination mode so nicely. I had a perfect excuse to not do, what was in my heart. Why? I was afraid. Some Self Sabotage I am sure but mostly I was afraid of what ‘people’ would say or think. I needed to get out of MY OWN WAY and GET OVER MYSELF!

I seriously needed a kick in the ‘booty’! I needed to believe in myself and get over the past mistakes or past experiences that just didn’t pan out. I learned and I grew from my choices so it was time to dust it off, shake it off and get on with making everything possible. Has this ever happened to you?

A Short Story

I heard this little story recently. We will call it The Ant and The Elephant

The Ant is walking to the East while the Elephant is walking to the West. The Elephant is a lazy dude and just strolling along at a snails pace while the Ant is feverishly hustling along and determined to get where he is going as quickly as he can.

But no matter how hard or fast the little Ant walks he is not getting closer to the East and he just can’t understand why. The Elephant meanwhile is getting closer to his destination in the West. The little Ant is so perplexed.

Your conscious mind is the Ant and your Sub-conscious mind is the Elephant. If they are not aligned, no matter what you say or do it won’t ever happen the way you want it to you. You will never ever reach your target.

The Real Story Behind the Story…the Ant is on the Elephant‘s back! (A Simple analogy of what happens in our minds. )

What is your GOAL? What is your #1 DREAM?

Do you have a plan? Do you have a dream of more? If you do, you are further ahead than a lot of people. Too often we are afraid of the unknown or we just plain don’t know what we want. We’ve been so busy doing what everyone else has told us we want we forgot about the most important person in the equation. YOU! ME!

We are all vulnerable to what others have taught us, right or wrong, we still do it. You may decide to become something, anything just to prove you are good enough. Problem is you are proving this to the wrong people/person. The only person that you need to prove anything to is yourself! Not so easy when you have been taught a different story.

Well, today is the day you can change anything you want. The mind is greater than we can imagine and nope, I didn’t believe it entirely either…that is until recently when all my ‘trying’ started to fall into play.

What I do know is, If you have an idea and it doesn’t go away it usually means you should act on it. At least do some digging and find out more and then make a decision. Having more than one source of income is the ‘norm’ today and actually in most cases is much needed. My favs when you are just starting out are:

  • Network Marketing…still one of the easiest and least costly
  • Affiliate Marketing...again easy to set up, no products but there will be costs that you won’t see coming.
  • DropShipping or E-commerce is very popular and many avenues to pursue. My second personal fav. Make sure you can spare a few hundred to get rolling.

Each of the above is relatively low cost to get started and there is a lot of help available as you learn your way. If you love people and love to help others chances are network marketing is going to be for you. It is more hands on, yes even if done only online you will play a role in others success stories.

Make sure you can enjoy and have fun with whatever you do and treat your Business as a Business! Seriously. Too many don’t. Try thinking of it like you are going to your job-job and set boundaries and work hours. Be consistent. Everything counts, big and small.

*****Note Network Marketing is also known as relationship marketing, Direct Sales, attraction marketing, and a whole bunch more. They are all the same and they are 100% legitimate. If you question whether it is one of those “pyramid thingys” then darlin’ you are probably in the wrong place. Sorry. And just to clarify a bit further, the Pyramid is one of the strongest and longest-standing structures in the world! Says a lot doesn’t it?

And just in case you need a bit more ‘truth’ here is an awesome book to read that you may just see yourself in. I know I did! The author is Jordan Adler and his book is “Beach Money” and yes, you can get it in your Kindle or Kindle reader for like $9.99. The best $9.99 you will spend…that is a promise!

If you have something in mind but still are not sure which you are better suited for, please leave me a comment and I will be very happy to help. The key ingredient to anyone’s success is…Never Stop Trying!

Wishing you an Awesome Day and keep moving towards your Goals!

and that’s a wrap…

Merry C.

P.S. remember to leave a comment if you enjoyed my post today. We love it that happens.